2016 Panel interest gauging - Cosplay Airbrush (and not just makeup)

Started by Enkai, February 11, 2016, 12:35:19 PM

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I've got a few cosplay-related panels that I would like to do with my husband this year.  This one, as you can guess from the title is about using an airbrush for cosplay purposes.  It will not just be about makeup, because in our experience, there is a huge amount of skill overlap. Does this sound interesting?

Things that we would like to cover

  • Types of airbrushes
  • Compressors
  • What you need in addition to the airbrush and compressor
  • Basic airbrush application, aka how to keep your airbrush from clogging
  • Airbrush Safety
  • Airbrush Paints, including diluting down
  • Airbrushing for props and armor
  • Airbrush on fabric
  • Airbrush and makeup

Thanks for reading and providing your feedback!


I mknow myself and probably a few friends would DEF be interested. I have no idea where to start for airbrushing but I'm highly interested in the skill.

Nina Star 9

I would possibly be interested in something like this. I'd love to get into airbrushing, and know the advantages of doing so, but I don't know where to start with actual guns and compressors and such (mostly compressors).