Let's bring some Abridgers to the Bay Area

Started by ThatGuyAndy, February 17, 2016, 12:55:28 PM

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Ever since I was in middle school, one of my favorite, niche, parts of YouTube has been the abridging community. From just a few guys doing DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto and Berserk, this thing has since blown up and talent on display has multiplied many times fold. However, every time I go on YouTube and see these abridgers at other conventions and panels I think, "Why not my local convention?!" Worse still, I know the fanbase is strong here. Every time there is ballroom that is marthoning any particular abridged show, it is ALWAYS filled to the brim. So I bet Fanime and its staff can muster up the power to bring some of those abridgers here. We've done it before with Martin Billany AKA Little Kuriboh. And how many times does his panel fill up to the brim? We can do it fanime. We can win! Against whom? You decide! Dramatization!


Everything you say is true, I have seen it. And the abridgers, such as TeamFourStar and Little Kuriboh, actually want to come. I've been talking with them recently, and the only reasons they are going to other conventions is that they were never invited by the staff or convention members at all. Corinne (Megami33) said the same exact thing about how she and TeamFourStar's con schedule. 
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I used to host a panel about creating Abridged Series, back when I was still abridging Ranma 1/2 (we weren't very good, but it was fun). But after a while the attendance dwindled and things got in the way.

LittleKuriboh used to have a booth in the dealer's hall, but that was also a few years ago.
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Hope you can attend 'em!


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Quote from: DankLordPopo on June 03, 2017, 01:55:10 PM
Yep, 2013 was when he came
If I recall, he completely packed Panels 1, too. With people still waiting outside in vain hopes of getting in. And Panels 1 is way bigger now than back then, TFS would pack the place! Hell, even with a late evening timeslot, their 18+ panel would probably pack Panels 1!
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