Fullmetal Alchemist Gathering 2016

Started by Tierfal, March 12, 2016, 08:55:08 AM

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This Gathering Includes:
Any version/canon of FMA that you want to cosplay!

Day: Sunday, May 29th
Time: 12:00 PM noon
Location (L): G4 (a.k.a. "The Hub", the alcove area on the con center ground floor)

Drop me a line here or on Facebook (see below) if you're planning to attend! I know most of us are forum lurkers (I always have been in the past!), but we usually end up with upwards of 30 cosplayers over the course of the hour.  Holler back if you're going to be there!

I'll be there as Ed (only wearing shutter-shades on request, haha), with a Hawkeye and hopefully a Lust!

Photo Order:
Over the past few years, a lot of the shots we've done have been based on which characters we have, but I figure we'll hit all of the classics – e.g. everyone from the Amestrian military; Elric family photos; the super-bomb ladies; Homunculi group photo; Good Guys vs. Bad Guys – and then move on to suggestions/requests.

Link to Facebook event:

Legal Statement:
Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

3/12/16: Hellooooo, Fanime forums!  Longtime lurker Tierfal here – I've never done anything like hosting a gathering before, so I'm flying by the seat of my pleather pants a little bit, but I started going to the FMA gatherings in 2013 (and attending as Ed in 2014!), and I'm going to do my best to make sure everybody has an awesome time! :D  I'm not above bribes in the form of snacks and coffee to try to get more people to come What, who said that?
4/30/16: Barring any natural disasters between now and the con, the traditional date, time, and place are confirmed!


Last-minute signal boost for this (confirmed) gathering!

Come on down and join us for food, photos, and some horrible jokes about all of your dead faves.  It's going to be a great time. :D

If you've got any questions, hit me up here or pretty much anywhere else on the internet – I'm Tierfal just about everywhere.


Fullmetal Alchemist is listed under Saturday and Sunday on the "official" list posted on the forums. You might want to shoot the gathering department an email and make sure the right day is scheduled/recorded.
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Just pinged the powers that be – thought we'd caught all of those, but I guess we missed one!

Thanks so much for the heads up!


Took a bunch of photos from the gathering earlier. I also posted this link in the Facebook event. Feel free to snag the ones you're in!
(Yes, sorry, I'm the loser who still uses photobucket...)



Other winners include the two incredibly adorable Spirited Away cosplayers who took some really excellent photos:


Second set has links to a bunch more!

Thanks so much for everything, you guys; you were THE BEST. \o/ <3


One of our gorgeous Lust cosplayers has supplied us with more photos!


I am so over the moon about how much fun I had – hope all of you did, too! <3

Also, if anyone is going to SacAnime in September, super-bendy!Envy and I might be getting a FMA meetup together there, too! :D