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~IMPORTANT~ A Message to our Members - Convention Safety Initiative

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Dear FanimeCon Members,

Over the years, FanimeCon has grown substantially from our small club roots to one of the largest Anime Cons in North America. Along the way, we’ve experienced growing pains like any other convention or event. The staff of FanimeCon has worked diligently to always provide a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members. In the interest of further promoting safety for the FanimeCon community, access to the second floor of the convention center will require a FanimeCon Badge.

Some Key Benefits to this policy change:

* Un-badged wanderers from outside our community are prohibited from entering the second floor of the convention center. We hope that this measure will provide a safer place to participate in the FanimeCon community to enjoy our programming and events.   
* You may have noticed that the lines for many of our events and programming have gotten longer with the increase in attendance. As a result, getting everyone inside is taking longer. This new initiative will allow FanimeCon attendees to simply have their badge checked once at the entrance to the second floor. This will allow attendees to freely enjoy events and programming. Some Major Changes:

* The layout of the Convention will change a bit. Full changes of locations and affected programing will be provided on the website, social media, and the forums as well as all maps that FanimeCon will provide.We thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding as we implement this new initiative. We welcome any and all feedback as we all come together to make this upcoming year another amazing and successful FanimeCon!

For more information and updates please refer to the FanimeCon webpage:

Will badge check stations be located on the map as well? I'm mostly curious about the hotels connected to the con and the potential bottlenecking that will happen in an already congested area.

Otherwise this sounds like a decent way to streamline entry into other crowded areas like dealers hall and artist alley.

I love this.  No really, I absolutely LOVE this. 

As someone who gets regularly creeped on by drunk people who you can tell that they're not Fanime Attendees and are just there to snap some pics, make lewd comments and laugh at people. 

I love this.

o3o A+

Nina Star 9:

Hopefully this doesn't cause more problems.

Though we all know that it's to prevent ghosting. ;] Hopefully it helps with late-night safety issues, though. (I've had plenty of creepers who are con attendees, though, so idk)

Are badges going to be checked all night as well as during the day? And are obviously drunk people (even with badges) going to be turned away?

Now that I think about it, I found it strange that I (and everyone else) could walk upstairs easily, because there were no badge checkpoints for the main area.

I hope this new plan works out well.


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