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--- Quote from: TC_X0_Lt_0X on April 18, 2016, 05:53:20 AM ---Wait are you disagreeing with me? I dont know but the way your post is structured seems to be indicating that is the case, even though I agree with you and I think my posts agrees with you as well.

--- End quote ---

LOL, nope,  you're right... we are in complete agreement.

just explaining it to add the clarify the money factor:

considering a bulk price (at 5+) of $49/500 with a daily need of ~40k at a cost of $3920 Plus tax/shipping (couple hundred), I fail to see the beneift of spending $16k on something that isn't effective...that could probably pay for 2 guests of honors...

Firefury Amahira:
I don't really think that carding 18+ panels at the door is going to create enough of a bottleneck to justify special measures to indicate the 18+ attendees, honestly. Those events are all later in the evening, generally at times the con's crowding and intensity level drops off considerably compared to prime time hours. Between the lower crowd levels and there generally not being tons and tons of 18+ only panels, they can probably keep carding folks at the door to those panels. I imagine they'll still need a staffer at the doors anyway for usual tasks of notifying panelists when time's up (and in case there are problems, like the drunk attendees at the 18+ Fanfic 369 panel a year or two back that con staff had to kick out,) so whoever's on door duty can handle checking IDs.

As others have already pointed out, trying to card people at reg has serious drawbacks, especially for group pickup. Wristbands or other special 18+ markers are just an unnecessary and inefficient expense, especially compared to just having a staffer who's going to have to be at the door to a panel anyway handle the ID check on the way into the room. At least unlike in years past, they won't also have to be checking badges, just IDs.

do you think it is safe to leave children here unattended by adults? or would it be better for them to have adult supervision?

TC X0 Lt 0X:
What ages are we talking about?


--- Quote from: TC_X0_Lt_0X on February 03, 2017, 12:23:01 PM ---What ages are we talking about?

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That's the key.  The San Jose McEnery Convention Center is a large facility and Fanime events and attendees sprawl out over much of the surrounding area as well, with tens of thousands of people at the convention and the surrounding downtown area over the course of the weekend.


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