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~IMPORTANT~ A Message to our Members - Convention Safety Initiative

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TC X0 Lt 0X:
I was worried that this was going to be some stupid SJW safety policy or something.

I guess my main concern is how this is going to effect traffic into and out of the convention center. Many people wonder all over the place, and with food, panels and regular returns to hotel rooms, not to mention other events, I can see many people going to and from the convention center a dozen times a day or more even.

Im guessing the badge checks will be on the first floor correct? Otherwise I smell a death trap if we have lines going up all those stairs. I imagine those checkpoints that connect to the Hilton and Marriott are going to be difficult to deal with too sense it has 3 paths leading on to the 2nd floor converging right there. And how are elevators going to work out? Im sure they are going to be put off limits and reserved for handicap people, but then you are going to need to have someone on guard not only on the first floor but the parking garage too, unless you can shut down floors the elevator can land on. Even then though.
The real question though is if those lines are going to move fast enough and if their will be enough entry points to get people in in a timely manner. From a generic convention center map, I count about 7 or so entry points, with traffic likely passing though the front and hotel entries the most. And those entry points will need to have corresponding exit points too, probably cutting potential traffic in half.

I guess sense their will be constant flow through the entry points that it will thin out naturally over time, but I am a little worried about that friday morning line.

I also imagine that the fairmont hotel is going to be the usual setup with someone checking badges at doors yeah? While there will be few, I am sure their will be other guests at the fairmont besides congoers that will have to have access to the 2nd floor, unless they are forced to take alternate paths to their rooms. Probably wouldn't be an issue one way or the other there, ghosts aren't going to host around panel rooms, there is not much happening over there. They will still have the first floor and outside areas though.

Well, I can see this as a good thing. It means it should be less crowded on the second floor, now. More room to roam around freely, I hope. And it will feel nice knowing that there won't be creepy non con-goers on the second floor. (^^)"

Ecchi ja Nai:
Did anyone else happen to attend the recent Silicon Valley Comic Con?  It was also held at the SJCC and they had a similar policy where you would tap in/out with their NFC/RFID bracelet to gain access to most of the con.  In fact, when I first read the OP, my immediate thought was that someone from staff had attended and noticed that they didn't need to check badges at every entrance to the panels or Dealers Hall or the like, and thought that it would work well for Fanime too.

It was great in theory.  People would be able to move in and out of the different halls and rooms once they showed proof of registration at a central area.  There were a couple of problems with this, though.  They had a bunch of things going on both upstairs and at the ground floor of the convention center.  Due to their schedule and the different panels I was interested in, there was a lot of tapping in and out to get from one area to another.  The other issue stemmed from the fact that the badge/wristband check was set up basically at the top of the main stairs in front of one of the large halls - I think it was Hall 2 - set roughly where Stage Zero normally is but further back closer to the middle of that area.  While the tap in/out process was very fast, the sheer number of people and the layout of the second floor made that a major bottleneck.  In all they maybe had a couple dozen stations set up, of which only three or four were positioned as an exit.  All of them were in the same general area, so that quickly got clogged with a ton of people trying to work their way both out of the area and further in to where everything was happening.  It didn't help that SVCC apparently drew the largest crowd ever for the convention center, but it really didn't look like there were that many more people than the past few Fanimes.  What SVCC didn't have was anything going on in any of the SJCC side rooms or any of the hotel ballrooms.  Originally I was thinking Fanime would have badge check at the entrances on the main floor, but then I remembered you can access everything by coming in from the hotels, and there are all those entrances from the convention center garage as well.  I'm assuming Fanime is keeping their policy of having those side panel and viewing rooms requiring a badge to get in to, so I guess those locations will still need people checking badges at the door.

I really want this to work out as this would free up a TON of staff and volunteers from having to just sit there for hours checking badges, and I know they could always use that help in some other capacity around the con.  However, knowing how spread out Fanime is and witnessing how poorly it worked for Comic Con I'm just not convinced we'll see a positive outcome.  I'm all for changes to the con with the hopes of improving things for both staff and attendees.  I guess we'll just have to hope there's a good game plan behind all this and see how things wind up. 

Since Fanime badges dont have the tap in/out that SVCC had, [yes I did attend and volunteer, was AMAZING!! :)] it sounds like it will just be a jumbo badge checking station at all the 2nd floor access points. That is a lot of places, maybe some will get blocked? In theory it would be faster than SVCC because eyes are faster than tech. It'll be interesting to see if any of the big attractions (ie reg, artist's alley, dealer's hall) will have to adjust to this implementation. They would be hard to move/adjust simply because they need a lot of space to be efficient. 
I know AX has a similar system with bag checks (after the bomb threat a few years ago) when you enter and badge checks on their second floor. It slowed down entering the con a little, but they were very efficient. Maybe this will encourage more peeps to buy badges if they just want to lurk in the upper hallways!
Fanime is wonderful and happy and awesome, so I hope this will help it stay that way!! :)


--- Quote from: tesla on April 07, 2016, 11:15:39 PM ---In theory it would be faster than SVCC because eyes are faster than tech. It'll be interesting to see if any of the big attractions (ie reg, artist's alley, dealer's hall) will have to adjust to this implementation. They would be hard to move/adjust simply because they need a lot of space to be efficient.
--- End quote ---

I assume it would be faster as it would be a "check, wave - check, wave - check, wave" process.  I'd also assume / hope there would still be entrance / exit traffic controls at the dealer's hall, artist's alley, etc. but of course that depends on how the layout changes this year.  I could see there still being a queue to get into the attraction rooms such as the dealer's hall, but there to automatically regulate entrance speed and keep it moving smoothly.


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