Fazio vs Anime: The FIFTHiversary! (APPROVED) (Update 4/24/16)

Started by Fazio, April 07, 2016, 12:44:31 PM

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Celebrate 5 years of comedy and controversy as we look back at all things terrible and topical. Prizes and special guests!




This year will actually have some prepared topics and segments so I can pretend I'm pitching some sort of late night talk show to one of the few channels that don't have one yet (History?). That Cthulu for President guy can be band leader.

These Include:

-Hey, That's Weirdly Sexist!
-What Was Kojima Thinking?
-Undertale: A 9/10 Game (and why that's okay)
-Seriously? She Breathes Out Of Her Skin? What The Fuck?!
-Batman v Superman: Dawn of Get You Pregnant (not a fan).
-Who's Pushing Child Porn Now: featuring Nintendo
-PC Culture Doesn't Exist (in the way you think).
-The End Was a Plant Monster and He Wore A Full Coat! And Talked From Time to Time!
-Why Splatoon Was The Best Game of 2015.
-We Bare Bears is Pretty Great.
-Kojima...just...just stop.