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UN-Official Homestuck Meetup (2016)

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Hey guys, M.C.Karkat here, and I am here to inform you that the un-official homestuck meetup will be happening again! we will be meeting up at the park at 10:30 a.m., Friday-Sunday and will be merging into the OFFICIAL meetup on Sunday that starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m.

To those of you who do not know what Un-official meetup is, its a meetup that is basically all about hanging out. We play games, go out and get food, MoThErFuCkInG fAyGo, and just have fun! I will be able to have access to a camera this year so we might also do some shipping photos if you are into that kind of stuff (note: this does not mean you have to have body contact with them, just a group shot or something), we will be doing some extra photo's after the OFFICIAL meet-up (or if I am put in charge of it again this year, during the official meetup). We also tend to go to the homestuck panels in groups because there is always confusion for directions for the panels.
If you have any suggestions as what we should do, feel free to...well, suggest!

Also, a little note: Please use your common sense. Seal up if you can, and if you can not, feel free to ask around. Many of us carry our sealers and such with us in the event that someone needs to re-apply. If someone is doing something they should not, either report it to con staff or to me and either con staff or I will straighten up the issue.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

-M.C.Karkat/Karkour/MegaKat (ps I may have a little event ready for the meetup with Megaphone)

hey for suggestions, this year for shipping photos, can we have no incest or pedophilia pairings? it makes many people uncomfortable and can trigger others, so id apreciate it! thanks! : >

I sent you a personal message some time ago and am still waiting a response as I cannot answer your suggestion very well without knowing what you truly mean by "Pedophilia/incest pairings" considering practically everyone is related or (technically) underaged. reason why I said technically is because they are all of age (except for the trolls, but that's a completely different society) of consent by the time the comic ends.

If anyone has a problem with a certain ship, do let me know at the meet-up. There is no guarantee that I will take the ship off.


So I got in contact with the person who is in charge of the OFFICIAL homestuck meet-up and he said, "we will be avoiding ships until the list is done." At that point, I would most likely believe we will be doing picture requests, so long as a lot of people want that particular picture.

Also, about the incest and pedophiliac ships (this is seriously a thorn in my side), if you would like me to elaborate as to how it is not incest, I will.

John and everyone was born via ectobiology and as we recall, crashed onto earth because of John and Karkat. So really, "Stridercest" is not incest at all or bro-dave; however, hardcore ships (as in nsfw things that exceed kissing and things becoming sexual) like John and Dave are TECHNICALLY incest as John created them. Same goes for the Trolls and Karkat. Now a way to see it as not incest is that no one has the same DNA or has similar genes to each other that was passed down. Therefore, no one is related biologically. In family and society wise though, John and Karkat are everyone's fathers.


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