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UN-Official Homestuck Meetup (2016)

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I second the 'no more abusive ships at gatherings' initiative. You can argue all you want that it's not "really" incest, literally everyone reads it as incest. Stridercest and Lalondecest have incest in their names. While legal adults are free to look at whatever they want in the privacy of their own computer, it's irresponsible and immature to expose minors and survivors to abusive ships in a public space. We deserve to enjoy fandom, too.

I just now realized I posted this on the other forum so I am sorry that I didn't announce this, but we are not going to be doing photos at the unofficial meetup because of the official meetup. Also I'm pretty sure I stated this before but we are going to be avoiding shipping pictures until the list is done (do not worry, I am helping with the list and will be avoiding your incest and other questionable ships) so there is nothing to go on about for "incest" photos. I have also asked about the abusive photos because I am genuinely confused about that. Do you mean like blackrom photos? Because those are essentially marked as shipping photos and as I previously stated, we will be avoiding those photos for now.

I will contact the person who is in charge of the pictures list to get an update on the situation with the photos. If you can, just in case if we do end up doing shipping photos, can you send me a p.m. of the abusive ships, including the obvious ones? I will make my own list for ships to not be called out for the official meetup guy.

(P.S. you didn't really need to source anything. I already know all of that, including many other forms of abuse. I'm not ignorant or anything. And again, probably hasn't been stated either, but if you have any troubles with anyone or see anyone doing something bad, please let me, the official manager, or con staff know immediately and we will stop it.)

If anyone has any problems with ships like abusive ships, please PM me what those ships are okay? I asked my friends about these kind of ships and no one knew anything about them.

For the past couple of days, I have asked many homestucks about the abusive ships, the ships that would count as incest, or anything remotely wrong and have devised a list of ships that we will NOT be calling out.

Also a little PSA: We will NOT be doing photos as the unofficial gathering as many people only go to the official gathering for photos.


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