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Pretty late & pretty quick question: Does the first come first serve thing for Thursday apply for Friday as well?


Quote from: mikorin on May 26, 2016, 05:18:06 PM
Pretty late & pretty quick question: Does the first come first serve thing for Thursday apply for Friday as well?

For at-con registration, it does.
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I've tweeted and emailed with no reply.

So I'm asking here... I am registered for swap meet tonight. However, the lines yesterday and today basically haven't gotten better from requiring 1.5-4 hours at prereg. If I am going to get there around 6:30, what is the best way to get to swap meet on time? Are we still not considering vouchers at this moment?

Thank you.

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Don't know if staff will be able to respond before tonight, though they did a good job with last minute posts yesterday.  From one of the previous answers they gave, however, the bit about the vouchers for registration was unintentionally left in from previous years.  They do not have a quick pass to get through the registration line.

Even though I already have my badge, I was wondering about that yesterday since it quickly became obvious that the last two years of short to nonexistent regs lines were a fleeting thing.  Doors at swap meet to regular attendees actually didn't open until later than expected yesterday as sellers kept checking in.  With what I saw of the reg lines today, getting here at 6:30 isn't going to make things easy for you.  I don't know how long the current wait is, but unless staff chimes in otherwise, it doesn't look like there's a shortcut to get your badge.

Good luck!


In line for reg now. If time cuts too close, will Swap Meet consider badgless entrance for registered/paid sellers?

Thank you
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Hi Ben,

I've sent a few emails now in regards to my refund. Can you please get back to me on the process, ASAP? You mentioned 90 days, but from when, from whom, and how would I be able to track it?...

I'm becoming increasingly concerned since I've had no contact from anyone in regards to this issue. I wasn't able to sell on either days, and now I'm out $80!



Not sure how else to contact anyone else on this issue. I haven't received my refund and it's been 2 months. What in the world Fanime. I'm so disappointed in how this is being handled. Is there anyone else that can help me with this?