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Keep talking and nobody explodes idea


I think it was last year where there was a dark room where people came in played a horror game, and there was a night vision webcam that was pointed towards their face to get their reactions. I was thinking that the same dark room could be used with Keep talking and nobody explodes. It would be a great game to watch and play. Perhaps get a way to communicate with eachother where you get a team of 3 one diffuser and 2 people with the instruction manual for the bomb. The Difusser is, of course, in the dark room, and the 2 people with tha manual are outside the dark room giving instructions on how to difuse the bomb. I honestly think this would be a great idea for the gaming all PC area.

The scare tent idea! We debut this back in 2014 in our PC Gaming area with a lot of great feedback; 2015 was unfortunately a series of problems that ended up not working out.

For this year, we're trying to bring the idea back in a different form. I've linked this post to our eGaming department and they'll review it.

what about this year

What the hell is "keep talking and nobody explodes"?


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