Meet up? New friends

Started by Lightningxxx, May 12, 2016, 03:53:13 PM

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Hello Loliconman, Killingstars,netmaster0000, and uzero

A lot of people ask me to hang out but Of course we can hang out.  The more the merrier especially I don't have a lot of friends.  I been sick for the last couple days and have finals so I'm so sorry for some of you guys that I haven't respond right away.

But I would love to hang out with everyone.  I can't wait to make more friends :)


Hope you feel better soon the con is literally just 25 hours away! >.>

Side note. Is anyone else planning to go pick up their badge tomorrow at 3PM?


Hi Loliconman,
Depending how busy and how I feeling tomorrow, my sister and I might pick up our badges in the afternoon


I'll most likely still be around cause I plan to go to the Swap meet as well, so if you wanna hang out for a bit I'll be there just chilling, and crying about the parking prices, and then finally go into a depression T-T


I'd love to be there but I can't, no hotel room. I'll be around starting on Friday. Have fun in a few hours guys.

Everyone free Sunday? Maybe we can all meet then so it's easier?


Hey guys, my name is Eric. I will be attending fanime alone this year and would like to make some new friends. Any of you guys want to meet up and hang out? I will be at the con everyday except Saturday. Thanks!


Hey, I will be attending the con alone as well, so I'd love to meet some new people. I'll be there from Saturday-Monday. I can't make it on Friday.


Alright so I see a lot of people want to hang out.  I don't know of any bars or good places to meet but someone tell me a time and a place and me and my friend will be there. Looking to hang out tonight.