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Started by Dreamanimeworks1994, May 23, 2016, 07:56:15 PM

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Hello I would like to know what the vendors is coming to fanime this year.

I just like to know because I really want some money so I can buy alot of stuff at fanime because I am receiving my "Savage dragon" issue#1" from 1993 comic that is certified by CGC (Comics Guaranty LLC) and it is coming on Friday. I would like to find a multi-pop culture store at the dealer's hall that can buy it from me during the convention.

I'll give you updates on the value when it arrives.

Firefury Amahira

Eh... not sure you're going to have much luck selling to a vendor at-con. They're there to move merch, not hunt up new stock. Plus, whoever they have manning the vendor booths in the dealers' hall is likely either not going to have the authority to make such a purchase, or is unwilling to make such a purchase on such short notice. At best, you might be able to hunt up a list of interested potential buyers you'd need to follow-up with after the convention is over.
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Ecchi ja Nai

Seriously, I think you're kinda barking up the wrong tree here.  Or at the very least, the wrong board.

Three things you can do that I can think of off the top of my head, other than ebay:
1) Start a thread in the Buy/Sell/Trade board.,52.0.html  Maybe someone going to Fanime will be interested and would be willing to conduct the sale there.
2) It might not make much sense if you've only got the one comic to sell, but you could probably still register for a space at swap meet and try to sell it that way.
3) Stop by Lee's Comics in Mountain View.  They're easy to get to from the convention.  Just head north up 101 for a bit.  They buy comics there.

As Firefury mentioned, any vendors in the dealers hall are much more interested in selling their own merchandise rather than picking up things themselves.  Assuming they're even attending this year, there's only been one vendor that really seems to do anything with American, but I don't remember their name.  More than likely you're going to be stuck holding on to it while wandering around a crowded con.  Even if you've got it slabbed by CGC, I wouldn't even want to risk damaging or losing it.