Completely new and need help!

Started by loliconman, May 23, 2016, 09:04:20 PM

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First time trying to go this year and I have a few questions.

1. Is the Swap meet open to the public and do I have to pay to get in?

2. Does anyone know the registration cost for one day pass? have work on 2 of the con days T-T

3. Does the booths accept debit/credit cards? It's kind of a bad idea to bring a lot cash IMO.

4. I saw the volunteer hours are posted on Thursday as well. Does this mean you can volunteer early and it will transfer to the next day?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!


1) Swap Meet is covered by the registration.
2) One day pass price depends on which day you go. Saturday and Sunday are most expensive.
3) Some do.
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1. Swap Meet is open to everyone with a badge, no extra fees to shop. In the past Thursday has been honor system where they don't check badges since people arriving late may not have been able to pick up their badge before registration closed. Friday there will be people checking for badges.

2. Single day badges differ in price depending on the day.
FanimeCon / Clockwork Alchemy 2016 Membership Prices:
Full Weekend: $75
Friday: $45
Saturday: $50
Sunday: $50
Monday: $40
Half-weekend (Sunday and Monday): $65

3. Are we still talking about Swap Meet? Some sellers may have a way of taking cards as payment, but mostly cash will be perfered.

4. I'm afraid I don't have any info about volunteering.


Thank you both for answering the questions and the quick reply :D

I guess it's a better deal to just buy the full weekend compared to buying a two day pass separately.. :l


based on pricing it is more beneficial to buy the full weekend, also I believe I heard/read rumors on unofficial fanime Facebook page that it'll be $85 for full weekend badges purchased at the con, but don't quote me on  that.
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Mango Bunny

If you are in the area the con is 24 hours so you could potentially join in after work!


Quote from: Mango Bunny on May 24, 2016, 11:49:48 AM
If you are in the area the con is 24 hours so you could potentially join in after work!

This is definitely need to know information. Thanks!


Good to know only some accept cards I was wondering about that. Sucks you gotta have cash on you.

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Thanks to the magic of smartphones and stuff, more and more vendors are accepting cards- some will cut you a deal on cash transactions though, since that means they don't have to pay a processing fee to the card companies. I know several in the past would conveniently leave off the sales tax on cash transactions for instance.

As long as you're careful about it, carrying cash isn't any more risky than carrying a credit card. It can also serve as a handy way to force yourself to stick to a spending limit- it can be veeeery tempting to go "BUY ALL THE THINGS!! \o|" on a credit card and have that bite you on the butt when your statement comes due. If you restrict yourself to cash-on-hand, you're less likely to go over budget like that.
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