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Started by Jasminedragon, May 25, 2016, 09:10:27 AM

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I really like the mmorpg genres like .hack, log horizon, grimgar fantasy of ash, and Sao. Any suggestions on similar themes? English dub preferred

Also any anime with a greek mythology theme?


Well, along the genre: Konosuba!, Re:zero

Those are the only two so far that seem MMO-ish.


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Shorter name: DanMachi. Dunno about dub, but its also got everything you were looking for. Bonus, has greek mythology (vaguely).

If you're looking for more along the same in the genre, I recommend checking out anything under the Isekai genre in manga--there are hundreds of freely available fan-scanlations along the lines of what you said you were looking for... if you haven't discovered them already.

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Hmmm. Well, if we're going for the "trapped in a game" sorta vibe, "Btooom!" Sorta fills that role. Its a Battle Royale style anime where players of a popular FPS game (which only uses grenades?) get trapped in a realistic version of the game where the stakes are real!

If you're looking for more of the Isekai sorta route, and your looking for something new, "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" takes a lot of traditional rpg elements and puts them into use in a fantasy world where a middle-aged salaryman, after saving his coworkers life and dying in the process, is a slime?!?

Really...a lot of Isekai has kinda taken over the genre of the "trapped in a mmorpg" genre, now that I think about it. Lol
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