Loners? Unite?

Started by loliconman, May 25, 2016, 12:26:46 PM

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Hey I kinda came here with friends but they are volenteering all week XD
So I would be down to meet some new people at the con tomorrow if people are still looking!


I'll be at the con tomorrow(Sunday) for those who are still looking to meet up with people. If everything works out I'll be dressed as an Anbu from Nartuo. Let me know.


Hello everyone? I'm heading out to the con now!  ;D If any of you still want to meet up I'll be in the dealers hall until 7 and the 18+ gaming hall at Hyatts?? later tonight. I'll be the dude with the blue backpack and I believe I'll be wearing shorts and a white tee today(it's so hot today) >.>

Call out my username to reach me XD


You still at the dealers hall? Sgt walker and I met up and we're looking to group with people.


There's a meet up going on at the continental if you're 21+


How late do you guys plan on staying? I'm planning on getting there around 11 or 12 tonight.


I think the plan is to head to the rave on a bit.


Well that was fun while it lasted ;D See you all next year! or the Expo... >.>


Been going to Fanime Since 2008


*Casts resurrect on dead thread*

This is a good idea!


im going solo this year..everyone flake on me ..


Hello! Hello! Hello! Loners of 2017...  :-X

So con fun times is in about 6 days from now yo! So last year meet up was pretty decent and I guess this will be round two with new peeps maybe? I noticed there are already some people claiming to be loners this year unfortunately(or not) so if any of you wanted to chill in line con together then you have come to the right place! If you all ain't scared to meet total strangers or make new friends then feel free to post replies and mingle~ We gotta get this thread lively again people!

Side note, I may or may not be alone this year so I will either have a friend/family with me if anyone wanted to meet up with me, and just like last year, I'm still a complete weirdo.  :B


Yep...I'm a loner too.


If I'm not too late to the party, I'd like to meet up with some new people. I might be meeting one person but that hasn't been set in stone yet. I'm not new to Fanime, but considering how large it's been getting over the years, it's a LOT more intimidating....
Sure, why not?


I'd be down to meeting some new people! This would be my 5th year at Fanime. I might be meeting up with 1-3 people but we always have such different schedules. So I'd definitely like to meet up with some new people! :)  Feel free to pm for contact info or figure out a schedule to meet up. It is pretty early still but doesn't hurt to start meeting new people!


message me I would like to meet new friends

Love Sign Master Spark

From past experience, I've found the logistics of meeting up with new folks to be a hassle and sometimes was a distraction from being mentally present.

That said, I'm still open to making new friends and meeting potential ones.  By all means, go ahead and reach out through private messaging if I don't do so first.


Potential first timer & loner here, down to play some Taiko no Tatsujin together!
Which is basically 60% of the reason I'm going...