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Started by Kyra_Maverick, May 26, 2016, 03:32:49 PM

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I would be surprised if we hear about what prompted the switch. I'm sure it's going to stay internal information, probably for the sake of professionalism.

I was there early Thursday, and it was pretty apparent that they did not plan for an extended line. They had some zig-zagged caution tape that only extended around the corner from the main registration room, and that was completely empty around noon when I went. I think that was their "worst case" anticipated line, because there was no tape on the carpet or any of that in the beginning. I was part of the early "test group" that went before registration officially opened (unknowingly dodged a huuuge bullet there, since I waited only 30 minutes max), and everything was very smooth for that test group as far as I could tell. Then the floodgates opened at 3 PM and they never seemed to recover.

I feel for the registration staff. I doubt they had anything to do with whatever caused the lines. I'm betting that the last-minute switch to Experient caused many more hiccups in the system than expected.


I came on Thursday and I waited it a bit but not too long. Last year, we hardly waited in line. Oh well~ linecon, best con.
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Okay.. so compared to the last two years, the line was really bad.  However compared to other linecons that I've been too (Fanime or otherwise) .. it actually wasn't too bad? Like, I got there around 10:00 AM-11:00 ish or so.. and I can't recall how long I was in line, all I know is that the line was moving enough that I really didn't have time to "idle".  Like other times, I can spend a good twenty minutes sitting on the ground/floor playing on my 3DS or phone and the line wouldn't move at all.   This time, the "standing still parts" only felt like a couple minutes long, and once I got inside it went super fast.

So yeah.. I mean, I am kinda salty about line-con rearing it's ugly head,  Buut hey, things go wrong sometimes, right?  Not like the staff was sitting in their plush arm chairs, twirling their mustaches and laughing at our suffering. 

Here's to hoping the kinks get ironed out and in 2017 we're back to the "lines" or lack of, that we had in 2014-2015


I got in line around 10am on Friday morning and it took me just over an hour to get my badge.  Definitely not my longest wait for a fanime badge, not by far!  It was a little annoying though, considering the past 2 years there was little to no line at all :/

Also, a friend who picked up his badge on Thursday got in line around 6:30pm and said that it took him 4 hours to get his badge!  So I'm very glad I didn't pick up my badge on Thursday...


I got in line at around 11:00am on Friday, if memory serves. It started on the sidewalk, nearly parallel to the center of the convention center. It took a little over an hour to get my badge. That wasn't too terrible, given just how long that line was! There was only about five people doing the badges when I got to the front, so that didn't help. It also seemed as if people were having difficulties. Not sure what, but it seemed like at least two of the badge givers were being held up for whatever reason. I can't really complain, as I missed out on the good years. Before that, the wait used to be 2+ hours, minimum. I think if they had just a few more people tending the printers, it would've drastically reduced the wait time.

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From what I heard (staff can correct me) was that it wasn't fanime that changed companies. That it was CMR that dropped out a few weeks before con; leaving fanime to fend for itself.

That and one of the staff jinxed themselves by setting up a "fake" line.

And there was a pre-test on thurs. I personally suspect computers were turned off that weren't supposed to be turned off. >.>;

The dropping on fan names on badges was a little weird. I'm not sure what happened there. I had to get mine fixed.

My only peeve was that the shuttle didn't run earlier and made it hard for Doubletree & other hotel con-goers to line up earlier than 4pm. The staff at the Doubletree also had no clue (on thurs.) whether fanimecon attendees could pick their badge up there. I was told I had to go over to the convention center.
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