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Started by Kyra_Maverick, May 26, 2016, 03:32:49 PM

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What the heck happened to the super smooth reg system? Awkward snaking lines from the Marriott onto the con floor.


I got there at about 1:15pm and was out wth my badge by about 2pm. The line was moving smoothly when I was there


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1.5 hours for badges. I'm sure part of the slow down was having to break up the line to make room for hallways and walkways, but I'm currious if something happened. I don't feel it was Line Con bad for me, but walking into any line at all vs the last 2 years having none at all was disappointing.


They better have an explanation for all this. And it almost dosen't help I ALMOST got screwed over by fairmount. I may or may not be screwed I'll have to check in the fairmount and see what happened with my hotel situation...


From what I heard is that they have new sponsors... I agree that last year was the best badge pick up ever.


It took practically no time at all to grab a badge on Thursday last year.

Now, snaking through the Mariott, took near exactly 3 hours.


Quote from: Dorimon on May 27, 2016, 12:50:45 AM
From what I heard is that they have new sponsors... I agree that last year was the best badge pick up ever.
They changed reg systems, but Fanime has never really had sponsors before. They're very proud of their "by fans for fans" motto.


Edited by me, I just need to drop this.  Everyone knows there were reg problems and they need to be fixed.  I do apologize.
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My husband has a misprint on his badge too. The fan name I originally emailed about. Sigh. But the line to get that sort of thing fixed was absolutely not moving at all yesterday, so we decided not to do anything about it.


Wow. I normally attend on the last day each time and I putted around the con in my car around 12:30 right that the reg line that's wrapping around the corner of Market/Monterrey and San Carlos?? :o

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Wow pre reg line is ridiculous. The last 2 or 3 years I was able to just walk in. Plus reg didn't open until 3 on Thursday ? I thought I would be able to go to pick up during lunch at work, But since the line was unbelievable I guess it doesn't make a difference . I wasn't prepared for a mini line con again I should I brought snacks and blanket. Also , what is with the new last minute barcodes? Hopefully the con is awesome this year to make up for it /rant


Edited by me, I just need to drop this.  Everyone knows there were reg problems and they need to be fixed.
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This is all because of Experient pissing in the bath water -

Ha ha, post removed.  Maybe Experient doesn't like the direct bad PR?  The staff member who made that explanation post should be commended, not hidden away.

I couldn't get the post to come up...If it got removed, that explains it. What did it say?


Edited by me, I just need to drop this.  Everyone knows there were reg problems and they need to be fixed.

The Facebook post that was removed explained the technical difficulties of the new registration system (change of companies, network problems), included tips on how attendees could help expedite registration (having the new barcode ready and photo ID out), and expressed appreciation for attendees who were understanding toward registration staff (who are awesome) despite their wait.

I apologize again for going off the deep end earlier.
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Meh, it wasnt all that bad, it was a welcome return for me at least.

I think people are just being spoiled because of the super fast reg of the last 2 years =P

One of my roommates did get a his badge misprinted for some reason. Not sure if the operator made a mistake or the system was having errors but he ended up getting it fixed  before leaving.

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It wasn't the worst line I've ever stood in, but no one knew where to go or honestly why there was a line at all. It was a huge unpleasant shock, to say the least and it soured my mood for about an hour. I can handle a line when I know it's coming, it was the unexpectedness of it that really threw me.


Not as bad as standing in line for 10-11 hours like 3 and 4 years ago, but still a frustrating 2hr wait when at the same time last year I was in and out in under 5 mins.

Idk what exactly slowed things down but I definitely agree that the placement was terrible and the line looked like a disorganized mess.

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I'm particularly interested in hearing what the heck prompted Fanime to change companies on such short notice before the con, personally. The folks in charge are not stupid. I doubt such a drastic change in a core part of the logistics so close to con was done on a lark, meaning there must have been some rather dire emergency making it necessary. Had Fanime staff been prepared for a regline backup that massive, they probably wouldn't have moved registration into the Marriott- it seems they were prepared for and expecting the line to move as briskly as it has the past two years, rather than Revenge of Linecon.

Whether or not we actually get any details or explanation remains a mystery, of course.
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Linecon was bad, but I think we all know that by now, and I'm sure staff knows that.

I'm also curious about what exactly caused the line. I've heard a few things (understaffing, reg system switch, systems issues), so it's possibly a combination of factors. I agree that the new reg location was clearly chosen with the expectation of everything going smoothly, but clearly, that did not happen. (Also really want to know about the reg system switch, and why that happened -- there's clearly a reason for it, but what is that reason? Are we going to hear anything about this? Did the system switch cause any of the backup? See also: my thread about my fan name being dropped between the new systems, which is a legitimate safety concern for me.)

The line itself seemed pretty disorganized, especially in the outside areas and when going between the convention center and Mariott. I realize that lack of staff to keep the line in order is an issue, and that the line probably wasn't anticipated, but would it be possible to have a line plan in place, just in case reg doesn't go smoothly? Plan out where a line would go, and then if one starts to form, clearly mark the areas so that walkways can be kept clear, the line doesn't intersect with itself, looping back on itself oddly, etc. I didn't stand in the line when it was mostly indoors on the lower level of the convention center on Saturday, but it seemed a little more organized at that point.

It only took me about an hour and a half to get my badge Friday morning (got there around 8:30, got my badge around 10), but I had friends who went on Saturday and said that the line was estimated at 4 hours (they almost left because of the length, but ended up going to CA to get their badges). The line wasn't Linecon 2013 levels of bad, at least? And hey, it gave me time to grade some papers. ;]