2016 "Did you take my photo" Thread

Started by Imperial, May 30, 2016, 05:37:37 PM

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So, this thread will make it easy for people looking for others who ask if someone took their picture and want to link to their portfolios so others can find them easily.

Cosplay Gatherings Department pictures: Coming soon


So here are all the pictures that I took at Fanime 2016...
You are more than welcome to either tag yourself or save the photos :)


If anyone took any photos of me, would you be willing to share?
I was the female version of The Riddler Friday and Saturday and Sunday I was an Ewok.
Thank you in advance!


I had a group with me this year, if anyone has pics, lemme know. I'll be going through mine soon here so I'll look out for you as well. :) Thank you all.
Friday: Gary Oak, Maid Ash Ketchum, Umbreon Gijinka, and Charmander
Saturday: Luma, Red Pikmin, King Boo, and Pikachu
Sunday: Leo, Kurumu, Poison Ivy, and Umbreon

Again, thanks to everyone in advance. ^w^
My Cosplay For Fanime 2024:
Thursday: Closet Kaminari/Yuri (BNHA/Yuri On Ice)
Friday: Goth (Boyfriends)
Saturday: Red (Pokemon & Smash Bros)
Sunday: Casual Kaminari (BNHA)
Monday: Goth (Boyfriends)


Hay all. If anyone has pictures of me they'd like to share, that'd be awesome. I have a bad habit of not remembering to track them down.  :-X ;D

I was Koenma on Saturday and Movie Ver. Anthy on Sunday.

Thanks for the help!

Insta: @sugoimon


I'm uploading all the photos I took at Fanime here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1716749121915476.1073741839.1587003908223332&type=1&l=2ff59f8fa2
I did my best to get everyone's name/twitter/instagram/etc., but that can get a bit tricky in such a busy place.

So, if you see anyone no tagged here that you know, please tag them, or send me their info. I'd really appreciate it.

Also good to note I've only uploaded a fraction of the pictures I took. I've uploaded about 37 out of a good 150 or so I plan to upload. Hoping to have everything uploaded within the next week.


Prodigal Daughter

Hi! I didn't take photos myself but I was out and about quite a lot, and would be SUPER excited if anybody had pictures of me or my gf!

Thursday: I was Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls), and she wasn't in cosplay, but I don't know that anybody photographed us.
Friday: I was Komaeda Nagito (Super Dangan Ronpa 2), and she was Agnes Oblige (Bravely Default).
Saturday: I was Peridot and she was Amethyst (both Steven Universe)
Sunday: I was Peridot again (with my wig working much better) and she was Jasper.

I have my little cosplay-lineup photo here! I don't have the pics of her (and would feel weird posting 'em when she doesn't go on this forum) but you can recognize her by being very tall and next to me :)

When we were young, we used to say that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break... now we are the kids from yesterday.


Hi I took selfies with a lot of people. If someone asked you for one it was maybe me. I cosplayed from Charlotte, Gintama, Aoharu x Machinegun, and Tokyo Ghoul. Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/anpantran/media_set?set=a.1089941181052706.1073741865.100001105028938&type=3

I will slowly upload my selfies on instagram @norcalanimeselfies.
My Fanime Cosplays 2017
-Re:Zero: Felt, Crusch, Ram, Reinhard, Felix
-Gintama: Shinpachi Shimura


Hello everyone!
I have a few pictures from the Disney and Fate gatherings  myself but I have to wait for my boyfriend to upload them.
I was Tinkerbell on Friday
Saber Lily Saturday, and then Tink again since my armor was malfunctioning.
And Sunday I was vampire Seras Victoria from Hellsing only until 3pm.
Fanime 2017 (tentative lineup)
Friday: Elphelt Valentine (Revelator verison)
Saturday:Nero Claudius Saber (Fate/GO-bride verison)
Sunday:  Pumeria (Pokemon Sun and Moon) / Velvet (Odin Shere)
Monday: Super Sonico or Velvet again


Took a bunch of random shots...and a bunch from the FMA gathering as well as the Doctor Who gathering: http://s45.photobucket.com/user/rawien_8706/library/2016%20Fanime?sort=2&page=1 -- Feel free to snag whichever ones you're in!


Hey, Im looking for photos of me, and the group I was with on Saturday
I was Shiroe from Log Horizon for the whole weekend.
Saturday I was with a Log Horizon Group, we had 2 Shiroes, a Crusty, Akatsuki, Isaac, and a Suojiro


Hi. I didn't take many photos this year, but if anyone could find photos of my cosplay, I'd love to share them on my Facebook page, Instagram, and tumblr page ( all under the name Sho Off Cosplay or shooffcosplay )

Friday and Saturday: I was Silk from Marvel. Link to a reference picture: http://shooffcosplay.tumblr.com/post/142609330577/its-been-a-while-since-ive-made-any-big

Sunday: I was Chell from Portal & Portal 2. Link to a reference picture: https://instagram.com/p/BGAJjuRkpWW/

Thanks for the help  :D


If anyone took any pictures of me (I was the Sans who was in a wheelchair or on a cane 99% of the con this year) I would much appreciate being shown! My own camera is broken so I didn't get any good photos myself so hopefully someone else took a few!!
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Heyyyyyo! Hoping i can find anyone who took my photo! I was blade and soul, rory mercury lingere and kimono, condy from homestuck and kuroo.

My instagram is: @bokutospet it youd like to see or follow


Hey I'm wondering if anyone has pictures of me and a friend.

On Friday and Sunday we were Steven Universe and Connie (the sworn to the sword outfit)
Also if anyone has pictures of a female ver. of Joseph Joestar from JoJo's bizarre adventure (on Saturday and Sunday) let me know cause we'd love to see them :)


Anyone get any pictures of me or the Kingdom Hearts gathering? I was the Aqua

Here's all of my pics, feel free to tag yourself. I'm the blue haired keyblade wielder in most of them.

Fanime 2017 cosplays:
Skuld, Kingdom Hearts
Lucina, Fire Emblem

Maybe: Dark side Rey/Genderbend Kylo, Sarada Uchiha, Isabelle Lightwood

My Facebook - All fanime pics are public! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006447810876


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I was Jemma Simmons on Friday and Astrid (HTTYD2) on Saturday. If you happened to take my pic, could you link me?


Hey guys! I want any photos of me!

Monday and Sunday at the Hetalia meetup I was spain, I had the spanish flag, and at the meetup you might remember me as the one who gave Romano a yellow rose.

Saturday and Sunday I was Skyward sword Zelda in the white dress, I was the only goddess!Zelda at the Zelda meetup

Monday I was Daenerys from Game of thrones, I had the egg basket. :)

I wish I knew how to attach my photos, but you can find my cosplay photos on Instagram at Lovely_Lupin to see which ones I was.


I was Metal Bat from One Punch Man. Specifically the bloodied, battered one with the ripped off sleeve. I'd love to see some pictures if you guys have them!


Another year that I had too much fun and didn't get a chance to take any good photos besides goofy selfies.
I wore Jack Spicer on Friday, and Nico Yazawa and Johnny Joestar on Sunday. Here's my Instagram for reference pictures (My boyfriend wore McCree on Friday and Funny Valentine on Sunday, if you have any of those as well!).
Unfortunately, I was only at the con on Saturday for an hour as Alex Benedetto, with my boyfriend as Nicolas Brown, but had to stay in the hotel all day from (what I believe to be) food poisoning, so I have no reference pics of that one :^(