2016 "Did you take my photo" Thread

Started by Imperial, May 30, 2016, 05:37:37 PM

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I took a bunch of photos. This link leads to a page that only has a few photos I took but you can message me on my tumblr to see if I took a photo of you. Don't hesitate to ask :)

link: http://makoharuh.tumblr.com/fanimecon2016


Hi guys!  ;D

I was Red from Pokemon, the one with all the Zubats on him and the sign that said "REPEL'S EFFECT WORE OFF."

If you have any cool pics of me let me know!!


Hey everyone! I got my photo sets up! Check them out at http://www.1nk5.me

It was great meeting everyone! Hope to see you guys at the next con!

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Hay all. If anyone has pictures of me they'd like to share, that'd be awesome. I have a bad habit of not remembering to track them down.  :-X ;D

I was Koenma on Saturday and Movie Ver. Anthy on Sunday.

Thanks for the help!

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I didn't get any pictures of you (sadly), but I met a movie!Anthy on Sunday -- I was the Homestuck cosplayer with the overly large horns who said that I was going to be movie!Utena later, and gave you my card. Sorry about that, I was excited to see someone not only from RGU, but from the same canon I was going to be cosplaying later that day. (I ended up running into another movie!Utena, a series!Utena and Anthy, a movie!Touga, and a Prince Dios that night, so I did end up getting my RGU cosplay fix)

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Looking for photos:
Sunday - Ulala
It'll take me a bit to get my photos up, but I got a picture of your Ulala. I was the Pearl in the peacebonding line who said that they also cosplay Ulala, if you remember me.


Did anyone get pictures of my group ThereWillBeCaek?

Friday: Chell (Portal), Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)
Saturday: Vault Dweller (Fallout), Fenris and Anders (Dragon Age 2), Zuko and Azula (Avatar), Vanille and Fang (FFXIII)
Sunday: (FFXV) genderbent boy band starring Gladiolus aka abs dad, Noctis aka emo prince, Ignis aka glasses mom, and Prompto aka hungry blondie, featuring jumpsuit Cindy and male Lunafreya

Monday: Noctis and Prompto (FFXV) went to the Final Fantasy gathering

additional reference pictures on our Facebook page

Samael Cosplay

Here's photos I took during Fanime: https://www.facebook.com/SamaelCosplay/posts/938403276277365

If anyone has pics of nightmare foxy or joker/kenpachi cosplay please tag me! Already found my Yui and Gendo from the Eva gathering. Just missing those two...:(


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Heeeeeyyy!! ^^ I would love to find photos of meh!! XD

Friday: Kagura from Fruits Basket

Page 4 here - https://stormfalcon.smugmug.com/CosplayPhotography/FanimeCon-2016-05-27/ - he also has pictures from the Old School Gathering starting on page 9.
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Hi! I was dressed as Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces Of Evil Friday, as well as Rowdy the Atom Cat from Fallout 4, Kiki and Lapis Lazuli the rest of the weekend! I was at the Disney, Fallout and Steven Universe gatherings.

Here are the pics I took! https://www.instagram.com/devi13/ feel free to tag, save or repost yourselves! I also put them up on tumblr with the same tags (same username).
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I'll post mine on flickr.com/unsignedzero and highlights on instagram: asiantango. I've been busy but I'm slowly editing them and posting them.


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Quote from: Angelx624 on May 31, 2016, 07:46:57 PM
Heeeeeyyy!! ^^ I would love to find photos of meh!! XD

Friday: Kagura from Fruits Basket

Page 4 here - https://stormfalcon.smugmug.com/CosplayPhotography/FanimeCon-2016-05-27/ - he also has pictures from the Old School Gathering starting on page 9.
Thanks! :3
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I have hall shots and pictures from the Haikyuu, Tales of, Shin Megami Tensei, and Fire Emblem gatherings.

Here are my photos on facebook.

Alternately on flickr too (same photos, in case facebook doesn't work)
Facebook: ChocoBurstCosplay
Instagram: ChocoboBurst

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Did anyone take pictures of me as Gowther from 7 Deadly Sins or Howl from Howl's moving castle?

As far as I'm aware, I'm the only male who cosplays those characters, so that should narrow it down, but maybe not?


I cosplayed as Battle Bunny Riven on Friday, Arcade Riven on Saturday, and Rhajat on Sunday.

Here is a photo of my cosplay lineup as well as my cosplay page:

Siri Ex

Hey all! Here are my photos from Fanime. Most are hall shots, but there are a few from the Fate/TypeMoon gathering.


... Honestly it's almost entirely Fate.

Other than that I've got:
-a Nico and an Eli from Love Live!
-a Genos and a Tatsumaki from OPM
-Negi from Negima!
-Zakuro from TMM
-Miki and Kurumi from School-Live!
-The story teller from Yamishibai
-That Gamzee with the amazing GoatDadBike.
-Shinobu from Monogatari

... And yup, other than that all Fate. If you spot yourself in one of these pictures, feel free to use it! No need to credit me or anything. I'm obviously no photographer.


Here's the album of pics I took:


I cosplayed as Spectre Knight . Anyone take my picture?


Did anyone manage to get any pictures from the RWBY Gathering?  My girlfriend and I cosplayed Jaune and Pyrrha that day so any pictures are appreciated!


I was the blue spirit from avatar the last air bender. Id love to see some pics :)


Did anyone happen to take pictures of or with a Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyaman 2 from dragonball z? I would be super grateful if any turned up around here. :3