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Guests for Fanimecon 2017

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Would also love to have Overwatch voice actors like Keith Ferguson, Chris Parson and Fred Tatasciore: Reaper, Junkrat and Soldier 76 respectively.

Unfortunately my suggestion, Kato*Fuku, recently announced they'll cease performing as a unit. So I'd like to suggest a Lucky Star 10th anniversary reunion next year at Fanime; Emiri Kato, Kaori Fukuhara, Aya Endo, and (even though she's semi-retired from voice acting, but still, who knows?) Aya Hirano. What do you think?

I'd like to suggest Neil Kaplan as a guest.  Voice actor behind Tychus Findlay, Madara Uchiha, and recently Emperor Zarkon in the Netflix version of Voltron.  On top of that, he hails from San Jose (and is a big Giants fan)!

I'd like to suggest

Sean Schemmel most notably for the voice of GOKU!

Susumu Kurobe who was in the original Ultraman

Kohji Moritsugu who was Ultra Seven

Nostalgia Critic A Internet reviewer from Channel Awesome named Doug Walker

Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe is known for reviewing video games, board games, and movie reviews.

johnny yong bosch played in Bleach, Yo-kai Watch, Trigun, Power Rangers, ect

Frank Welker This man is a legend!

Would love to see Granrodeo as a MusicFest guest, huehue~ *O*

I'll suggest more later, but just wanted to throw them out there <3


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