Video Programming Feedback 2016

Started by the otaku god, June 04, 2016, 06:05:40 PM

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the otaku god

Leave comments of praise or nays here for us please. Once again thanks for coming to FanimeCon 2016 and hanging out in our new video rooms, we aim to please and I hope we did just that! see you all next year!!!
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As usual, the video staff did a great job this year.  It was great to have larger rooms for viewing.  Only a couple of glitches--one involved trying to use a Mac mini to screen a Blu-ray disc in the nostalgia room.  The second occurred a few times, each involved the Crunchyroll episodes--the video would seem to stall occasionally for a few seconds.  Not sure if this is related to the video or to the computer.  But, thanks again, Jerry and staff fo another great year of anime at Fanime!!!


Great job this year with an awesome assortment of titles!  I mentioned in my general Fanime Feedback submission that if there is one change I could suggest, if possible, it would be to turn around the first bank of rooms so that the back hallway feeds into all video rooms.  That way the doors would be more isolated from general convention noise and light from outside.  Robot Carnival on Monday got turned off early before the film was over, even with about a dozen people in the room saying that it wasn't over and to keep it going, but small potatoes.  Aside from that, just the usual stuff to leave the computer and projector alone when a video is running as it can be disorienting to those watching the screen.  Awesome time in the video rooms this year.
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I just want to further emphasize that you guys hit it out of the park this year in regards to older titles - Iria, Otaku no Video, a midnight showing of Lily C.A.T., Macross Plus, Super Dimension Century Orguss, Ghost Sweeper Mikami, His and Her Circumstances, Wicked City, 4am showing (outstanding) of Perfect Blue in the Film Room, Robot Carnival, Area 88, Patlabor The Movie in the Film Room (my all time favorite Anime film), Golden Boy, AD Police - and that's just the stuff I like.  Extremely impressive.
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You rock as usual Jerry. Great video rooms this year. Go Nagai World!


Great assortment of material to view this year. Overall great but had some technical issues during Ruroni Kenshin (movie #2) which caused us to lose 30 min of the movie (so had to stop early). The main issue was loading subtitles since it was a different program / computer than the operator was used to. Hopefully similar blips can be avoided in the future.