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Started by therandomeer, August 01, 2016, 02:07:48 AM

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First time with trying to get a hotel room for Fanime 2017... Being a worrysome college student, I just wanted to know how badly I'd be put in the hole if I'm trying to get one hotel room for myself and a friend, just the two of us. I've read constant threads about how it's bad to use a debit card to pay (so of course I don't have a credit card), and searching ahead of time to next year warrants over $400 a night for an entire stay (May 25th-29th), so from your experience, how much did your hotel room cost?
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They offer a special rate for Fanime. I believe I paid $99 a night at the Marriot this year. That does not count taxes and parking.


Depends on the hotel you stay at (and sometimes if you want one bed or two) usually between $89 and $149 a night with the fanime discount. Fancier hotels will be more expensive of course, and hotels closest to the center sell out first, which is usually the marriott and the hilton. Those two offer the best deals in my opinion for their location. Usually it's not more than $200 a night I've seen with the discount!
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Yep, from $80-140 is the going rate. Could be more next year maybe by a few dollars.
Anyway you have the initial room price per night but also the taxes.

8% sales tax
14% bed tax
$25 parking fee (depends on which hotel.)

Your looking at around $488-$854 total for 5 day night

The only thing that's bad about debit card is the extra $100-200 hold. If you have extra money or don't depend on using that your good to go.
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