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Not getting item from seller


This kinda my own fault really, but i bought an item from a lady at fanime 2016 in the Art Gallery (posting here because there was an area to post about the art gallery). She was selling pokemon keychains, and i gave her $10 to have her make me a shiny Zangoose. I gave her my information to where to send it. I ended up moving sooner than I thought and it was shipped back to her because i didnt live there anymore, but now i have no way to get in contact with her! Is there any way to find out who it was or get in contact with the person? Any help appreciated thanks!  :-[ :-\ :'(

That's tough. Usually artists have some social media account you might try contacting them through. If you don't know the name of the artist but you know round about where their booth was located you could look them up on this map:

and what if i cant find the person even through that? :O

Sorry, shy of registering a change of address with the post office to get your mail forwarded to the new address (which won't do any good if it was already sent and returned to sender) I'm not sure there is much you can do. Fanime used to have a Facebook group for Fanime Con Artists but that group in now defunct. You could look to see if other anime conventions in the bay area (Kraken con, Sac Anime, aod) have a similar group, many artists sell at several conventions in the area. If they are a local artist you might be able to find them through those groups.


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