Ghost in the Shell live action film teasers

Started by Barnes, September 22, 2016, 01:14:04 AM

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Yay, Haruko.


Well, the whole ghost in the shell movie plot/theme would actually work out well now a days.
It doesn't have to be set in Japan the whole story could be moved to anywhere in the world, given its set in the future.  While I do like to see a live action clone of the tv series played out, I'll give this a shot.

Hell, it might just be as good as Edge of Tomarrow. Incase you missed the memo that was a manga turned Hollywood movie called All You Need is Kill.  For me that was a dam good movie. I never knew it was a manga till I read the credits.

So it actually might have a shot. The whole reason I think why most anime to Hollywood movies suck, it's because they are kiddy shows trying to be serious in the movie. It just does not translates well.  Given ghost in the shell is no where near kiddy, the story could be on par with Ex Machina movie.

Unless they totally shit on everything and it flops royally the whole plot, then yeah.  Who knows.
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Has anyone seen the new trailer yet?

To me it looks like an entertainingly slick action movie, but except for surface-level references (mostly recreated scenes), it ain't GitS in my book. Too much of the lore and Kusanagi's backstory have been changed, and it looks like they are wanting to push very different themes from the original.

Also, Johansson is entirely wrong for the role. Even leaving the race issue aside, she's totally wrong for the role, I think, and this trailer seems to confirm it.

My friend and I are already planning on seeing it at midnight on the day of release, though. I'm still excited to see it.


I had been skeptical up until I saw the trailer, due to the track record of most anime to live action films.  Now I'm feeling like this thing might actually be good, at very least respectable.
The race thing is a complete red herring anyhow, (cyborgs have a race?) as only certain Americans seem have a problem with it, meanwhile people in Japan couldn't give two shits.
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