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Suggestion: Social Room


Was talking with friends I've attended many a con with over the years, and we noted that it was great to have the Cosplay "relax" space (especially when you're dressed as 3 Steven Universe characters).  In fact, we had an absolute blast cooling off and meeting people.

I was thinking that it may be nice to have a quiet "social space" in general.  A room, off the beaten path, with tables and chairs and a general "keep it down" policy of noise, something like con suites but larger.  It'd be a good place to go, socialize, and do so in a peaceful environment.

We do have that, in the means of the Cosplay Hangout. Its a place to cool off, fix your cosplays, and chitchat in a press free zone!

I thought that was only for Cosplayers.  Is it also a general social space for anyone?  I may ahve been mistaken.

I personally have no qualms against people just coming in, just know that some people are there to unwind, so volume is a thing. beyond that, Come on in!


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