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Started by Steve.Young, November 19, 2016, 12:20:59 PM

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Hello all, this is more of a polling question for artists/graphic designers/and photographers. We're working with Adobe to host workshops, panels, and Q&A sessions and would love some feedback.

- Which day is more preferable between Thursday Night and Friday?
- What types of panels, information, or hands on event would you be interested?
- Would photographers be interested in doing a photo walk in Downtown San Jose with a professional photographer from Adobe and then get hands on instruction on post-processing work flow?

Most importantly, would you attend with above 80% certainty? This is important for us to plan room sizes, number of instructors, and technical logistics.

Please comment and discuss, your feedback is important to us in the phase of the development process.
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Please PM me with any questions, comments, or concerns.



I don't think you should bank on Thursday night for attendance numbers.  Thursday night is for pre-reg.  Just because you will likely have a lot of pre-reg badges sold doesn't mean everyone is going to get there on Thursday.  Due to (likely) pre-registration requirements to be eligible to be put on the hotel registration block there will be a mad dash for pre-registration badge sales.  There is obviously not enough housing to go around and if you plan on this potentially awesome event to be put on based on pre-registration numbers there will be a lot of people who will miss out.  Friday would seem like the best bet.  Planning major events on Thursday is a waste. 


I agree that Friday would probably lead to higher attendance, especially for a topic potentially appealing to a relatively wide audience. A photo walk in downtown San Jose sounds like a great opportunity to pick up pointers, as does hands-on instruction the form of a processing workshop (especially if we can process the photos taken during the walk). If there isn't enough time to track the process start to finish, either of those would be a useful exercise. As for other workshop topics, I'd predict that there would be interest in either working with Photoshop for general art (fanart?) production, or a workshop on drawing and designing with vectors. I don't know about others, but I'd definitely attend any of these workshops with >80% certainty.


How did I miss this post?

Anyways, Friday or Saturday would be the best days for attendance. Of course day 0 Thursday the attendees trying to get their badges may not have time if something goes wrong with the badge system again. I will tell my friends about this panel since they use Adobe products, specifically photoshop.


I would be interested in learning more post processing effects in Photoshop and Lightroom!


i'd love a tutorial or introduction to after effects and premiere..daytime sat. or sun preferable


I would be interested in attending a workshop for review of PS for effects or general art.   Fri night, Sat or Sun please.


Friday, since I'm not sure if I'll pick up my badge on Thursday!