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Policies for Gatherings at Fanimecon 2018

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1. In order to be considered to host a gathering, you must: 1. Create a thread in the Fanime Cosplay Gatherings forum and 2. Fill out all appropriate forms from the fanime gatherings department.

-This is to ensure that all relevant information regarding your gathering or any other gathering is in the same place. Creation of a facebook group is not required, but is recommended to get the word out about your gathering.

2. In order to maintain priority in leading a gathering, you MUST post in the forum thread every 2 weeks.

-This is to ensure that you are both dedicated to hosting, and to ensure that your gathering remains relevant and up-to-date.

-What is Priority? Priority is where you are assured that you are the head host of your gathering type. For Example, Person A has a gathering post and has submitted a form. As long as Person A keeps posting in the thread every 2 weeks, and or has posted in a 2 week gap of time (IE: I am going on vacation, and will be AFK for a bit), they will still be the host. However, If person B wants to host the gathering, and you have not posted in 2 weeks since the last post, the department will reach out to your email, and give you a one week warning. This means you have one week to reach back to the department or we will transfer priority to person B. Person B is obligated to 2 week posting in thread as well.

-This policy is to help with communications with your gathering goers and with the gatherings department. IF you KNOW you cannot post for an extended period of time, please contact the department as soon as possible. We understand that life happens, and we will do what we can to help.

3. The Cosplay Gatherings department has final say over gatherings.

Who hosts a gathering, what that gathering entails, or whether they happen at all is up to the discretion of the Cosplay Gatherings Department. Any dispute or issues that may arise concerning gatherings should be brought to the attention of the department. Infighting will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of your gathering all together.

PS The gatherings department loves you. ;) <3

This all sounds great.

Good to know this info now

Do you need to be a staff member in order to host a gathering?


--- Quote from: Empress on January 29, 2017, 11:46:43 AM ---Do you need to be a staff member in order to host a gathering?

--- End quote ---
No you don't, I'm just a regular attendee and have been running gatherings for a while~ You just need to make sure to follow all the requirements/directions in making your gathering official and keep track of and update everything as needed.


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