One Punch Man & Mob Psycho 100 [ONE] Gathering!! Fanime 2017 (CONFIRMED)

Started by thecrazycyborggirl, December 30, 2016, 02:11:13 AM

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Welcome to the ONE Gathering!! (One Punch Man & Mob Psycho 100) for Fanime 2017!! For all cosplayers planning to cosplay as an OPM character or a character from MP100.

link to the facebook event:

Please let me know which character you are planning to come as!

Date: May 28th, Sunday
Time: 2pm
Location: G7, the large art piece in front of the convention center

Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order:
MB100 Characters
OPM Characters
Psychic Agency (Mob, Reigen, Dimple)
Hero Association
OPM Villains (only)
Saitama and Genos
Mob and Reigen
Kageyama Brothers
Villains vs. Heroes (Both OPM & MB100)
Other Requests (Shipping Requests are taken, but must be with EVERYONE'S consent; no one should have to make a pose or take a picture they are uncomfortable with.)

PLEASE comment below whether you are interested!! (Using this gathering thread is THE BEST WAY of contacting me. DMs are next best option.)

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Cosplay Amino: @thecrazycyborggirl
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Hey there!

Just a little *bump* to see if anyone is still interested in doing this. If not, then I'll call off this gathering.
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If this does end up happening, I'm down for going (assuming it doesn't clash with other gatherings I wanna go to), but judging by how no one else is saying anything, I'm guessing it isn't happening...?

Combining it with the OPM gathering into a ONE gathering sounds like a really good idea, though.
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I'm down for this, I do plan to be probably one of many Reigen cosplayers.
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Sounds great!! I would absolutely love to combine this with a OPM gathering, but I'm not entirely sure if there is one being set up by another host; should I just go ahead to combine the two series, changing this thread into a ONE Gathering?

Anyhow, if there isn't any other increased interest within the next 2-3 months, this gathering might just be called off...
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Yes!! I was hoping someone would plan a Mp100 gathering! I hope we get some claw cosplays. Definitely make a Facebook page, that's usually how people find out about these things, plus people can share it that way which would help boost interest.
And for the idea to make it a ONE gathering, that sounds bomb!!


Oh man, if this gathering is held on Sunday (or even Friday), I can guarantee my group of 4 will go out of our way to make Mob Psycho cosplays just so we can attend this.


Hey guys!! Glad to hear more people are on board with this idea!! I've officially changed this gathering to a ONE gathering, combining OPM with MB100!!
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A suggestion, as the person who ran the OPM gathering last year - try to do this in one of the shadier gathering spots, or not smack dab in the middle of the afternoon. We were all kind of dying in black costumes in broad sunlight last year...

(I'm not completely certain of my Fanime lineup yet, but both Mumen Rider and Reigen are possibilities. If they do make it onto my lineup, I'll be there! If not...I may come watch anyway.)


Alright, thanks for the helpful tip! Both Reigen and Mumen Rider are amazing characters; hope to see you there!
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UPDATE: 3/11

I have created the Facebook Event Page and have submitted this gathering off to make it official. Please confirm if you can come, how many friends you have coming, and which characters you all plan on cosplaying as. Hope to see you all there!
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BUMP!! Hey guys! Please check out the Details and Thread one more time since it has been updated!! Thanks!!
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If it's still happening, depending on the time slot, I'll be showing up as Ritsu. If not, I'm still gonna be Ritsu anyways, so it's all good.
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Hi guys;
since there are so few of us (about ten only, if including your friends), it seems this gathering is going to be cancelled. I'm not sure how we'd fit in to the official gatherings schedule and I've decided to move onto other projects. I apologize if this provides any inconvenience to you all; @hanabi-chan, I'm looking forward to seeing your Ritsu around :)

If anyone is considering going to Crunchyroll Expo this year in August, I will most likely be hosting a MP100 Gathering there.

Thank you all for checking this thread out and see you at Fanime!
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Hey, while I totally understand and respect your decision, I do feel the need to point out that what happens on the forums isn't always an indicator of a small gathering.

Last year, the OPM gathering was a pretty decent size, despite the low feedback on the forums. And if you look at the threads for some of the HUGE gatherings (One Piece, DC and Marvel), you'll see that hardly anyone has confirmed to show up, and yet they boast some of the biggest gathering numbers.


I can see how Forums feedback isn't an accurate measurement of a gathering turn out. We'll see how things go; at this point, I'm just not too sure if our gathering will be official/accepted. I'm also unsure if MP100 or OPM will be a big thing for people cosplay this year.

If this gathering does go through, I may or may not have to hand it off for someone else to host if they're willing to. We'll just see how things work out and hope for the best :)
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Crossing my fingers and hoping this gathering will be "officialized" come next gatherings list update! (Please reply to this thread and let me know who you might plan to cosplay as!)
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Captain Marvelous

Next Con


We have a location yet? I would love to go to the gathering!
Been hosting gatherings for a little bit!
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I'm running the One Punch Man cosplay Q&A panel @ Fanime this year and I need a Genos last minute!

You are not required to have the arms for this! All I want is someone w/ the wig, makeup etc. and you can wear an Oppai shirt OR borrow my Oppai shirt. Please please please reply to this or DM me if you're interested or if you know someone who is! I really need this member for my panel!

Thank you~

- Bam