Voltron Gathering 2017

Started by Tierfal, January 08, 2017, 03:36:01 PM

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This Gathering Includes:
VOLTRON!!!  I am assuming most people will be going for Legendary Defender, but don't worry; there's no chance of getting turned away if you're a devotee of a previous canon. :D  Everyone is welcome!

Day: Saturday, May 27th (confirmed)
Time: 4:00 PM (confirmed)
Location: G5 (between the convention center and the Hilton)

I have to be honest... I have no idea how big this is likely to be. If you're thinking about coming, let me know! I'm expecting about 30-40 people, since that seems to be a relatively common parameter for single-fandom gatherings at this con.

Photo Order:
I think we all know it's just going to devolve into memes after about fifteen minutes... and reenactments of everybody's favorite scenes. Which I think will be great! I'll try to get some backup ideas together, too.

Link to Facebook event:
I've marked it tentatively for Saturday afternoon. We probably won't know for sure until spring, but definitely drop me a line if you have strong feelings about date/time! Saturday at 4 is confirmed on the gatherings list! Hope that will work for everybody! :)

Legal Statement:
Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

1/8/2017: Please let me know if you guys have major preferences for times – for instance, if you know you won't be there early enough for a late-morning shoot; or if you habitually find panels you enjoy in the afternoon, and wouldn't want a conflict. I'm flexible, although I would strongly prefer Saturday unless it's hugely inconvenient for everyone, haha.
4/2/2017: Time, date, and place are confirmed! :D


Look at me, keepin' this thread alive.

If you are one of the brave souls planning to attempt paladin armor sometime soon, here's one of the most in-depth instruction guides I've seen so far!


Saturday sound like a good day for the meet c:


Sweet!! :D  Thanks for chiming in! :)



I'll be going as Shiro and I will be bringing a Pidge cosplayer as well  :)


Fantastic!  ;D  I'll keep you guys posted when I hear back on the official place and time!


Sounds great! I can't wait to meet more people who love Voltron. I'm def bringing Allura for the gathering!


I might, emphasis on the MIGHT, do Altean!Lance for this gathering. We'll have to see since I have like 10 other cosplays! But I really wanna do it!
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Yuzu (Citrus)
Uraraka (Villain Ver.) (BNHA)
Makoto (DSN Ver.) (Persona 5)
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I'll be going as Lance for this gathering. I'm excited as this is my first time ever cosplaying. Can't wait to see everyone's cosplays :D



omg, you guys are all awesome! :D  Super excited to see everybody's work!

We are now confirmed for Saturday at 4:00 PM in the G5 gatherings area – I'll make a map and post it here in the next few weeks to make sure everyone can find it! :)


Hi, guys!  I'm pretty sure this is where G5 is... and I'll be at SVCC this weekend (as Pidge on Saturday, if anyone here is going!), so while I'm there I'll make sure that I'm thinking of the right place! ^^;



Hey! I'm super excited there's a gathering! I'm aiming to get Blade of Marmora Keith done for this. 8D


XennCosplay – OMG, that would be SUPER COOL!  Best of luck!  I'd love to see that! :D

PSA to all:
I put a map on Facebook, accompanied by a couple very poorly-angled photos I took walking towards the G5 spot last weekend!  Hopefully if you've never been there before, this will help you find it:


(It does look like it will require you to log in to a FB account to see my post, so if you don't have one, here's the updated map! http://i.imgur.com/y3UMuuQ.png )


Hi hi I'm super excited to see everyone, I'll be coming as casual regular clothed Lance :)


I'll be cosplaying Fem!Keith hopefully in a red lion kigurumi, if not, then I'll be in a casual cosplay. I'm really excited to cosplay Fem!Keith for the first time! :D
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Friday: Dance Keith Kogane (VLD)
Saturday: Maid Keith Kogane (VLD)
Sunday: Annabeth Chase (PJO)/Emma Swan (OUAT) for the Ball
Monday: Casual Clothes

(therealannabethchase818 on IG)


RealAnnabeth – super excited to see you either way!! :D

Did Fanime sneak up WICKED fast on anybody else, or is it just me?

This is the part where I need your help if you guys are down!  If you have any photo ideas, please post them here or at the Facebook page so I can add them to my (currently very meager) list!  This will help a ton to keep stuff organized on the day of, especially if we end up with a lot of people!

Thanks, guys!!  Really looking forward to seeing everybody's work!!