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Started by Tomas Cosplay, January 08, 2017, 09:47:03 PM

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Tomas Cosplay

Hey, I don't know if anyone else has planned theirs yet, but I was wondering what everyone's Fanime 2017 Cosplay Lineups are gonna be. I have a fair list but need to figure out dates of certain events and panels to confirm it all so I'm waiting for that.
For sure I am doing Hiram McDaniels from Welcome to Night Vale, The Box Ghost from Danny Phantom, and Simon Petrikov from Adventure Time. The rest that I'm debating for my extra day are below.
-Caliborn (Only if another cosplay doesn't conflict on Sunday)
-Steven Universe (Only if I'm planning Caliborn but it ends up being too hot to paint my entire body green)
-Dave Strider (or) John Egbert (Possible only if I end up doing this one CMV thing)

Anyways feel free to post your lineup below if you'd like. Only about 4 or 5 months til Fanime (Depending on how you look at it)! Happy New Year!
Fanime 2020 Cosplay List

For my full list of cosplays see this link:,21883.0.html


I think I finally got mine figured out, depending on gatherings and such of course. XD
Thursday: not sure if I'll do something, I normally do a version of link on that day. XD
Friday: The Devil is a Part Timer with a maou and Chiho and possibly and Alciel. :D
Saturday: Splatoon group of hopefully 4 for my nintendo gathering. :3
Sunday: Rosario Vampire with a Ginei and Kurumu
Monday: Pokémon with and Umbreon, Sylveon, and possibly a Jolteon.

I can't wait, I'm so excited!!!! And I can't wait to see everyone else's lists and cosplays!!! :D
My Cosplay For Fanime 2024:
Thursday: Closet Kaminari/Yuri (BNHA/Yuri On Ice)
Friday: Goth (Boyfriends)
Saturday: Red (Pokemon & Smash Bros)
Sunday: Casual Kaminari (BNHA)
Monday: Goth (Boyfriends)


These all depend on the gatherings or not, but my friend and I's cosplay plans so far are...

Friday: none
Saturday: Haikyuu with Kageyama, Kenma, and Oikawa
Sunday: Love Live with Maki, Honoka, and Nico
Monday: Haikyuu (again) with Kageyama, Kenma, and Oikawa


I have so many idea's but cant land on a final list T_T

I'm for sure going to do a Sylveon, probably Demon VI and Arcade Ahri from LoL, and maybe Sheik from SSb4, or Hana/Hinoka from Fire Emblem Fates...and Maybe Ruby Rose alt outfit from Vol 2 of RWBY many things....

That and if there is a hotel pool party this year maybe a keijo!!!! Cosplay but idk what char cry...
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