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Hi I'm Mike. This is my 4th time attending Fanime, and I enjoy it every time I go. I'm going with my nephew to Fanime, and I can spare one more person. You'll be staying in the Sofa Bed so it should be comfortable and cozy. I couldn't get any hotels via the Fanime site since they sold out, and I tried the waitlist, and I was on it for 2 months, and no luck. I'm staying at the Courtyard Marriott in Campbell, which is 20 minutes away via VTA train so it'll be easy access to the convention center (free parking so you can park your car). No smoking, quiet time after 12 (coming home late is fine), no uninvited guests without permission, but drinking is fine.

Cost: $150 (can be negotiated) I'm staying from May 26-29th (Fr-Mon).

I don't have a FaceBook anymore, but you can contact me through this e-mail: [email protected]


Hello all who read this!
Name is Steven and I'm looking for a room for Fanime this year for me and my younger brother. We are both pretty social and chill guys who respect everyone's privacy and will mostly be using the room for sleep and to take showers. We both don't mind sleeping anywhere also.

My email is [email protected]





Super late to post this, but I'm looking for a room for a friend of mine. His friends bailed on him last minute and its his first fanime. His name is Brandon and is looking to stay from thursday-monday. He's 22, easy-going, respectful of everyone's privacy, quiet, first time cosplaying, and mainly just looking for a place to sleep and shower. If you have any space available in your room, please contact him at [email protected] or PM me here. Thank you!


EDIT 5/8. Found Room! Thanks!!


One person looking for a room


I know this is super last minute. This will be my first Fanime and I'm looking for a place to crash. I'm pretty chill. I don't mind bringing my a sleeping bag and crashing on the floor. 

> 22 years old
> Prefer staying Thursday/ Friday to Monday
> Prefer staying close to the convention area
> Trustworthy. Will adhere to room rules and won't bring anyone/ anything in.
> Can be a nightowl or a early bird. Will respect sleeping schedules or curfews.
> I don't smoke or do drugs. Will drink socially.
> Organized and won't bring too much besides clothes for the three to four days.
> 5'8" 148ish male
> Willing to bring snacks (Cliff, luna, lara bars, or jerky) for the room. Just specify what you like or want so I can get it within the next couple of weeks. 

Ps. I live in San Francisco and we can meet up before agreeing to anything.

Email: [email protected]


[1 person looking for hotel room]
Hello everyone! I'm 'Louis' and I am a huge fan of anime and love all things 'kawaii'. However, due to unfortunate events I am with a badge but without a hotel... (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
I am currently in need of a hotel room to stay in, PREFERABLY a hotel that is close to the convention center or is in pretty good walking distance. Any of the hotels is honestly fine with me!

I am willing to pay for hotel costs upfront when I arrive at the hotel/room. I am hoping of staying in a hotel that is through Fanime hotel booking since those are significantly cheaper and are are perfect for my budget but I am willing to negotiate. Also, I do not mind sharing a bed (I am quite smol after all) or being on the floor (sleeping bed/inflatable) but, out of the two, I prefer a comfy bed~

As for how long I will be staying, I would love to stay throughout the entire duration of the convention (and, I would not mind an extra day or so, such as that one Monday night)

Here are some of the details/requirements:

▻ Gender difference is not a problem, I am respectful despite who you are

▻ May be cosplaying, nothing *too* huge though that requires big props

▻ Respectful and friendly, however quite shy but will try my best!

▻ I don't smoke or do drugs so no need to worry about me getting in trouble

▻ Clean, organized, and tidy; attentive of other people's spaces

▻ Not a loud snore-er

▻ I am around 130 lbs. and about 5' 4", just incase sharing beds may be a problem or space is limited

This will be my 3rd consecutive year going to Fanime if I can make it this year, so I am hoping for the best! ^^

Feel free to PM me on here or send me an email to [email protected] - I will be constantly checking on a daily basis!

I am also willing to meet up in person before the con if need be, of which would be nice to! I attend SFSU in San Francisco and I am a digital visual media major and in my 20's, if anything!


One person looking for room

Hi, my name is Kevin, and I may potentially be looking for a room, as the current dorming I had with some friends may be too far. I will be in need of a room from Friday to Monday. I will be flying in from Colorado on Wednesday, but I will have accommodations until Friday morning. My budget is pretty fair, because I don't really want an overcrowded room, as I will have cosplay that I would like to keep neat. Just some more stuff about me below.

>I am 20 years old. (21 the week after Fanime  :'( )
>I tend to spend a lot of times at the convention site, so I do prefer a room key (unless you want to wake up at 3am to open the door), as I may come back at very late times. I try to be respectful as possible to anyone sleeping though. I also don't usually function on too much sleep, so there will be times where I usually shower in the morning and be out of your hair before you wake up like a ghost.
>If you were interested in hanging out with me, I'm a very inviting person! Or vice versa if you wanted me to spend a little bit of time with you, get food or whatevs.
>I have been to a lot of conventions and have even worked in a cafe before, so I am pretty extroverted.
>I don't require a bed, most likely will bring a sleeping bag or a blanket and sleep on the floor.
>I tend to keep all my belongings in a small area.
>I have an addiction to strawberry milk.
>I don't snore from what I know.
>I am 5'8 and 134lb, so I am somewhat of a stick. (I eat a lot I swear.)
>I enjoy memes, so I'm sorry in advance.
>I do plan on returning for future conventions if you decide that you liked me and wanted to room again!

This will be my first year at Fanime, so I hope you will be able to accommodate me so we can all have a great time! :)

Feel free to send me a message telling me about yourself too or any other questions via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisterHoang
(Please don't contact me via EMAIL or through forums, as I may not see it.)


Hey everyone, my name is Stan and I'm currently looking for a room for me (20 years old) and my older brother (26 years old).
We will be attending from Friday to Monday. This will be my 6th year attending FanimeCon!
My brother and I are courteous to others, we don't drink/smoke but won't judge if you do, and respectful of privacy.
If you have anything for us, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I check my email very often and will give any other details if needed.


I need a room.  Paypal rdy.
Most Impressive.


Room found, thank you!
Hello! ;D ONE Person looking for a room!

+ Introduction: My name's Lili and this will be my fourth year attending Fanime! I am a 27y/o Lolita & cosplayer from Nevada and am very open-minded, free-spirited and friendly! I will consider all options for roommates so if you don't fit the bill, don't worry, send me a message or email! I usually have my own room booked, or with friends, but I recently cancelled another summer trip to attend, & am therefore too late for housing! I am very tidy and don't leave all of my belongings out, and would like my roommate(s) to do the same. I will respect all of your room rules and obey them! I will be bringing bottled water, snacks, food to share as well!

I am doing Swapmeet Thursday and Friday evening, so I need a parking space/room key aside from just staying with you as well.

+ Hotel Information: Any con hotel within walking distance to the convention (Fairmont, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Westin San Jose) and I will be needing a room from Thursday-Monday. I am open to any price range.

+ Requirements: I am looking for a room wherein I could have a bed, or rollaway/sofa and it be a con hotel. I am open to sharing the bed! I am short and don't require much space or covers. I require my roommates to be respectful, not party too much (as I sleep at night), non-smoking rooms only. I am LGBTQ-friendly and NB myself. I am very quiet and don't mind 21+ drinking, etc. but wouldn't want to be in a "party room". I will likely be showering in the late evening and then going to bed. I also do not want to stay with anyone with the intention of being disrespectful in any form.
I will not accept any form of harassment.

+ Contact: Please email me at [email protected]

Thank you for the consideration!


Hello, my name is Nathanial, me and my partner Pixie have a room Thursday to Monday at the doubletree (clockwork alchemy location) for fanime. We are looking for more roomates as i got my room confirmation just today.
We are both very open people and do our best to stay drama free. It IS our first time hosting a room, so if you have suggestions please feel free to voice them and i will consider them. I know my rule list is kind of long, its based on the experiences ive had rooming with not so great people and i highly doubt any of them will really need to be enforced as long as people are respectful of each other!

Currently we have a queen bed, sofa couch, and floor space available.

Room rules are as follows:
You need to be ok with nudity (we are nudists, but we can respect if you need bottoms covered).
My partner needs to have cartoons on at night in order to sleep, please be ok with the noise.
No room parties of any kind!
We are 420 friendly, just not in the room itself!
Pregaming is OK before 10 pm, just dont get sloshed.
After 10 pm is enforced quiet time!
Dont go through others stuff for any reason.
No arguements or fighting in the room, take it outside if you need to.
No hard/party drugs of any kind (you can keep weed only in the room) i will report illegal drugs.
Our room is considered safe space, if you need it, just say so, and acomodate others who ask.
Consent is required for any contact and unwanted contact will be met with instant removal all the way to arrest depending on severity (i dont take consent lightly)
Anyone you bring in is your responsibility, if they break something or cause trouble, i consider it your fault.
Any damages or room expenses you cause are youre responsibility.
If you break these rules, i reserve the right to kick you from the room without refund.

My pricing for full weekend is as follows:
$200 for the bed, you may share if you want
$150 for the couch
$100 for floor space
Payment can be made through google, paypal, or we can work out some arrangement if need be.

Keys will be given as i am able. I'll be sure those who need it the most get access to the room! Ill also be making a facebook messenger group for the room on thursday. Keyholders need to be able to let people in throughout the day. There can be a maximum of 3 keyholders.

Thank you for reading through all that XD im honestly a lot nicer than this email must make me seem, im just very protective and like to make sure everyone is taken care of!
Contact me at [email protected]


Intro: Hey, I'm a 24 year old guy who's found himself with extra space in his room. Since I'd like to lower the costs for the weekend, I'm willing to take on some roommates. I'm pretty outgoing and friendly; I love meeting new people. Bonus points if we like the same anime shows!

Hotel Info/Cost: Fairmont, there's 2 double beds. I've got Friday through Sunday night (thats 3 nights). The overall price for the weekend is about $475; I will divide the price based off of the number of people who end up staying in the room. Hopefully I'm not dividing by one. Also, I will require payment over Paypal about a week out - this is because I'm not going to stand for last minute cancellations or people refusing to pay on Fanime weekend. If you are interested in rooming but are concerned about this, please message me. I'm just another big anime fan, and while money is not necessarily a huge deal - I do hate being cheated or otherwise left out to dry.

Requirements: Hey, this is going to be a little specific. While I'm up for meeting new people, I do want to ensure that everybody gets along and that there won't be any personal problems. So, requirements - please have PROPER HYGIENE, be RESPECTFUL, and be RESPONSIBLE. If you're interested in rooming with me, please message me via email if possible (will include at bottom). Additionally, I'd like to see your Facebook profile - this is for personal identification purposes. If you wish to view me in return, I will provide you with mine. Again, I'm more than happy to speak with you, or Skype if that will help with any concerns you have.

Contact: my email is "[email protected]". If you need further details, contact me there first.

Misc:  Please, no arguments/BS. I'm pretty easy - I want to have fun, not a headache. If anybody is making trouble for other roommates, that won't be tolerated. As room leader, I will ensure that anybody making trouble WILL be kicked out, without a refund. You've been warned. Let's make it a fun weekend! Also, I'd be happy to set up some room events like a dinner or something as an icebreaker if you'd like that - I'll be driving there, and can accommodate a little bit.

Room has been filled.


Currently looking for a room in either the Marriot or Hilton (or just anything in walking distance really). Accepting anyone who has missed their chance to cancel and can't make it.

If you wanna talk about the details, please contact me via Discord, Twitch, email, or phone. Contact details will be sent to you via PM.


Hi everyone,
This will be my second year at Fanime, and I am looking for a room, preferably local. I'll be staying Saturday and Sunday, and am hoping to find fun and chill roommates. I'm 21 years old, attending the University of California, Davis. I'm into Anime, video games (I have a Nintendo Switch), and do a little drinking (gin, vodka, etc). Please email me at [email protected] or PM me at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014715696786 if anybody is looking for an additional roommate. I also have a car.


My name's Johnny; I will be staying only from 26th to the 29th; I am 30 and am a pretty quiet guy, who will take the occasional nap- if anybody has a room for me, sorry if this is on such short notice- please let me know- we can negotiate the price together, if possible. Thanks. :D
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Hey everyone! Looking only for a group of 2 who don't mind sharing a bed

My name's Parker, I have a room at the Fairmont for Thursday-Monday and I did have a full group but 2 have had to drop out. I'm from San Jose but I'll be driving down from Washington on Thursday so I mainly got that day for myself and won't require anyone else to pay for it unless they also want to stay that day. In the room it's me, my friend, and a group of two with 2 double beds. I will definitely be having friends/people over a lot but nothing too crazy. Here are my brief roommate requirements:

1. 21+ as there will be drinking
2. Party friendly
3. Nightowls and/or okay with people coming/going at night
4. Will shower
5. Is for sure going and wont back out
6. LGBT friendly

Anything else or questions, feel free to message me on here or my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dankeykkang

Found people again thanks!


Hi everyone,
My name is Michael and I am 24. This will be my seventh year at Fanime. I am looking to share a room from the 26th to the 29th. (E: And the 25th too ideally if you have a room all the days, although only the 26th to 29th is required).

1) I am not going to be either drinking or doing any drugs. But I am over 21 and I have no problem if you are planning on doing so.
2) I am planning on taking a shower every day and following the other rules of basic hygiene.
3) Although I would prefer both a key and a bed, I am fine without either.
4) Will abide by any reasonable restrictions.

Contact: Send me a email at [email protected] or via PM.

Found a room!


Most Impressive.


I have an open room for you!!!!! :) :) :) :)

+ Introduction Hello my name is Demetrius (Or call me Dtron 3000) and I have been to Fanime since 2008 so this will be my 9th year straight. I'm pretty chill and consider myself a super friendly guy

+ Details/Breakdown The room is at the Fairmont hotel, so just a 5 min walk away from the con. The room is booked from Thursday-Monday. There's a total of two people in the room as of now (A friend and I)

Costs The cost per person for room space will be around 85$. This price is NOT negotiable and here are a few reasons why; The price is a GREAT one because of the location and the quality of the hotel, and what I'm paying out of pocket for the hotel. I won't even be breaking even from what I've paid for the hotel. The price is for the whole stay.

+Contact It would be best to contact me as soon as you can. Here is my email: [email protected] this is where you should send me a copy of names who will be in the room over the weekend (If multiple people).

+ Note I want this to run smoothly as possible. I want to make this event as fun as you want it to be with little to no worries of where you're going to sleep. Think of this as me giving back to fanime for tons of great memories and we as fans from those great memories together! further questions please email me as I check my emails often

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