Boku No Hero Academia 2017 Gathering

Started by spookycookie, January 25, 2017, 04:47:32 PM

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I would like to get a gathering together. I am cosplaying from BNHA all four days. I just do not know what day, time, and place works for everyone.

I'm surprised there isn't already one set in place :o

EDIT/UPDATE: Can someone please take over for me? I am in the process of moving and so that is my number one priority. I am fine with any day, any time, any place. I would very much appreciate it :D


Friday after 11 works for me!
I'll be cosplaying Uraraka's hero suit.


Someone is already running a Shounen Jump gathering, which includes BNHA. A BNHA-specific gathering would be pretty cool too but I'd get into contact with them if possible and make sure there aren't any issues between your gatherings!
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I'm planning on cosplaying Iida at Fanime - not sure which day yet. I'll definitely try to make it to this gathering!


I'd be down to attend (or help out with hosting). Friday at like 2 works for me! How does that sound with everyone?


I'm cosplaying gym uniform Tsuyu on Friday so anytime that day totally works for me! :D

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My boyfriend will be cosplaying All Might and so I'd love an update on where this would be when the con's closer!
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Sooo - I don't see this on the official schedule. Does that mean it's not happening?

EDIT: OH WAIT, I just noticed that the OP said they need someone else to take over. Hm.
It's too late to have an official gathering for this, but how would you all feel about an unofficial one on Saturday late afternoon?

EDIT AGAIN: I'm declaring an unofficial gathering, and here's a link.,21154.0.html