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Fanime Competition: Crunchyroll Expo

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Tickets are now on sale, under "buy tickets"


$40 for Friday or Sunday only, to $350 for VIP weekend

This show better have a lot to do and see.

Nina Star 9:
That doesn't seem terrible for a show like AX where we know what's going to be there (if not in specifics then at least roughly in terms of types of content), but for a first-year show, it does seem pretty pricey. The regular (non-VIP) tickets are $65 for the weekend, so that's not terrible, but only if we know that there's going to be good content. (Those VIP Plus tickets are expensive regardless of content though!)

I'm actually pretty hopeful about this con. I think that Crunchyroll has the industry connections to really pull out a good show, and we all know that NorCal is a bit lacking in the large con department. It seems like it might be a bit ambitious for a first con, but hey, I guess we'll find out how it is when it happens. I think this might be a good counterpoint to AX, which has gotten far too large for its own good.

Now, which cosplay help panels should I submit...?

I agree that the cost is a little bit high (especially since both a service fee and sales tax get tacked on), but I might change my mind depending on the guests. Btw, they do have a Guest Request Form, for those crossing your fingers for a particular somebody: http://crunchyrollexpo.com/guests-crx/

Interesting news. There's always a first. Remember a few years ago Japan Expo? That one was a weird one. Guess the feedback wasnt that good with their silly in/out policy.

Seeing as Curnchyroll has been to all kinds of cons I'm sure they might be up to par. Eh who knows? I'll give it a shot if nothing else is going on.

I am definitely going to CRX this year! I can see how CRX might have the upper hand as it is closer to the industry and can bring "larger" guests or provide more free merchandise, but Fanime has always been a tradition to attend for my friends and I. It'll definitely be hard to break that tradition, and I certainly don't intend to do so or see us stop going to Fanime any time soon. As some others have said, CRX definitely seems more like a competitor to AX, like a NorCal version.


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