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Hey y'all! Just making sure that everyone has noticed that Reg has updated their FAQ to say they've moved back to the Hub (kind of under Stage Zero from what I remember) at the convention center this year!! :)
I hope the lines will be less chaotic and long this year!

Nina Star 9:
Interesting! Moving back to the original location. I wonder how traffic flows will be set up now that there are no longer stairs under there going to the concourse level (since that was the exit back when reg was down there before)?

Hopefully this won't be Linecon again.

So is this where the Reg was last year? Or is it where the hilton kinda is.

Nina Star 9:
Reg last year was in the Marriott. This is in the convention center.

You know the "hub" area when you walk into the front doors of the convention center and walk straight back towards the wall rather than going up the stairs or down the hallways underneath the concourse level (that run the length of the convention center)? Where there's historically (since the renovation at least) been a stage and chairs set up? It's going to be there.

The area marked "The Hub" on this map (page 2 of the pdf, Parkway level):

This is where registration was originally (since Fanime moved to San Jose that is), and was last there in 2012. 2013 saw the disastrous move to the Fairmont, 2014 - 2015 was the refreshing move to the area under where the AA is located (ground floor of the new wing once that opened), and 2016 saw the disastrous move to the Marriott. Now it's back where it used to be. There were some traffic issues and line issues the last couple of years it was there, so I hope those things get solved.

Admiral Donuts:
Reg won't have any problems if they get badges out as fast as they did in 2015.


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