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Will there be any TT RPGs?

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Are there any planned table top RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Chthulhu, or anything else? I love TTRPGs but wasn't seeing too much on the main site about it.

My roommate can DM a sesh or something in the after-hours gaming area if people are interested.

TC X0 Lt 0X:
Last year I ran a session of Maid RPG for a few hours.

Ive been thinking about doing it again, but I need to see if my group is down for it or not. Otherwise I dont have a problem with randoms joining.

I might also run a session of Valor RPG instead, because that game always deserves more exposure.

EDIT: Though I probably wont be able to schedule a time easily until I know the event schedule, and even then getting my group to do something at a certain time takes effort, so it would most likely be a spontaneous event sometime during slow hours.

Though if memory serves I do also remember they did have D&D events on schedule last year or a few years back, so that's always an option.

TC X0 Lt 0X:
Following up, the TT Gaming event page shows 3.5 D&D Fri-Sun at 6pm, so there's that.

Admiral Donuts:
Aw, no 5e? Would have been a neat place to run some AL play.


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