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Can the PC GAMING have their own seperate smaller room? And Another Suggestion

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I suggest this because the time i went for a tournament last year, the headset used did not block out all the noise of the gaming room and communications between my teammates were just hard to hear. Also for tournaments in any game, Can the random free agent people NOT be put up against premade teams that already know each other? putting up a team that already know each other against a rag tag group of randos is not how you should run a tournament. game in question is Overwatch btw but this is just a suggestion.

TC X0 Lt 0X:
Well a big part of Fanime Tournaments and the Gaming room in general is the spectacle for the attendees to watch, no? Moving the PCs to a smaller room would mean less people can be in the room at one time, and of course the room is going to be a oven. I mean they could project the match someone to the main room I guess, but that is some unneeded complication.
Also last I checked they did not use dedicated PCs for the tournament, they were also used for general PC Gaming as well. They all need to be in the gaming hall.

As for splitting random teams and premade teams, at what point does one face the other, and at that point, besides the random team maybe having a chance to play more then one round or two, does the end result change?
The only way I can see it being fair to split those teams is to do a total split into two separate tournaments, that way one never faces the other and everything can be 'fair'. I dont think that is viable for fanime though, given they have a schedule where they need to run other tournaments. They could run where the randoms are in one bracket and the premades in the other I suppose, with the end result undoubtedly going to the premade side. In that case they could cut off the top final match and make 2 tournaments.
Still any of those kind of defeat the purpose of a tournament in my opinion, putting forth something akin to a handicap in some cases.

Of course I dont work in Gaming Staff and have no idea what there total resources and end goals for tournaments are, but this is my educated guess based on what I have seen at Gaming Hall over the years.

eh who knows what goes on in their department. i just wanted to let out what i think of the tourneys they had. but then again its a con i should not expect a good tournament environment.

Hello, Games Manager here. Quick comments:

Moving PC Gaming would be something we can review for future event years. I know there's pros and cons on this and it will require us to review all active variables with internal parties. I do acknowledge we do need a better way for attendees to spectate matches better and we'll bring this up internally. As a PC gamer myself, I do want this to be pretty awesome for the attendees, but our teams recognize present challenges.

The Overwatch tournament from FanimeCon 2016 was quite literally a last second addition due to the game launching that week and the tournament did not operate in a optimal matter. We are currently reviewing on how to present a potential Overwatch tournament in a format & scheduling that works for eGaming for 2017. Overwatch in particular requires more PC gaming system resources and does requires to decide the PC gaming tournament schedule more carefully...esp with League of Legends being the other hot demand.

sorry for reviving the dead thread but like, this years gaming hall was absolutely stunning. however my main minor complaint still remains. a friend of mine told me he tried playing the fortnite tournament and had trouble communicating with his teammates due to noise. Regardless of the minor thing, i give kudos to the team for the showdown stage and the seperate sections. I however could not be in the gaming hall much due to anxiety but i was in awe at how much the hall has changed. good shit guys


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