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Started by marisuga, April 18, 2017, 05:13:44 PM

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I don't want to wait for someone else to make the chat, I'm too excited haha.

Just a little over one month!


Anyone know when online sign ups are open? :)

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Quote from: xXunyuuXx on April 19, 2017, 12:11:43 AM
Anyone know when online sign ups are open? :)
These usually start at the beginning of May(ish). If we get past the first week of May and there's no info, I'd start to worry, but you still have a couple of weeks.

No contest for me this year (giving a panel right around the same time as the contest, and I have a shoot directly after, so even if I went 'as late as possible' it's not gonna happen), but I'll be glued to open mic, as usual. :] already have a few songs in mind


Had to miss last year's contest because of work. Should be good for this year though, looking forward to it!


SUPER EXCITED for this year's contest!!!  (hoping the signup form shows up here soon)  I've got a new round 1 song that I can't wait to do at's old and FABULOUS.
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I, uh, hope I didn't miss the signups or something... is the official thread really not here yet?

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Quote from: kotomikun on May 10, 2017, 01:03:18 AM
I, uh, hope I didn't miss the signups or something... is the official thread really not here yet?
No announcements here, on the website, or on their Twitter. It is safe to say signups are not up yet, meaning that it's the officially sanctioned time to worry, at least according to my last post in this thread.
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on April 19, 2017, 01:08:41 PMThese usually start at the beginning of May(ish). If we get past the first week of May and there's no info, I'd start to worry, but you still have a couple of weeks.

Karaoke staff are probably busy with all sorts of other things, and I understand, but still, I hope the info goes up soon for those entering the contest!
(and that the database song request thread goes up soon for people like me who aren't entering the contest but have requests >:D)


Oh I really hope they don't skip it this year. Figures, I've been saving a song as my final song for years, and the year I decide to sing it in the preliminary, it might not happen at all.


I doubt it's going to get cancelled or anything, it's still listed on Fanime's site and I've never seen the KKD cancel a contest; but this is definitely getting pretty weird. Last year the signups went up on May 5th and they were panicking over how late it was.

I wish they would use social media a bit more; they're kind of eerily web-silent most of the time. They have 3 Twitter accounts but none of them have updated in almost 2 years.

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In my roughly decade and a half of attending this con, I can't remember a year that a contest was cancelled. I think they're probably just unusually late this year.

Worst-case scenario, if online signups never happen, it'll be at-con signups only. Which would be intense for a larger contest like this one (they use that method at SacAnime where it's usually much smaller), but I'd say that in the karaoke doomsday scenario of not hearing anything at all pre-con, showing up at the karaoke room right when it opens for check-in and warmups on Friday (or a little before, in case there's a line) would be the best course of action.

Still hoping for online signups to open soon, though, for all your sakes, and because I'm still waiting for this year's song request thread!


No word yet and we're one week away. I'm thinking it's panic time.


(So, I tried to post the signup info here as a reply... but it doesn't seem to have taken? So it will either show up later or it won't, I imagine...)

Apologies for this year's delay! (My forums account... disappeared, I think??)
A new thread is available in the Live Events forum with the rules and signup link. I will also be periodically attempting to answer questions here in the run-up to the convention.

We look forward to seeing you at con!

-Tommy P
Karaoke Dept Head


For the Acoustikaraoke contest, is there another online sign-up form or do we sign-up at the con?

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Hey Tommy! Glad to know that you're alive and nothing horribly tragic has happened to the karaoke staff :D (Well, besides a mysteriously missing forums account)

Are you doing song database requests this year? I really have more of a question than a request -- is the website up to date with what's in there, and if not, are you up to date with JJBA OPs? Really all I'm looking for is if you have Great Days. If there isn't enough time to add it, that's cool, since I can bring my own lyrics, but it would obviously be better if it were in the database so the lyrics can be projected, which is why I'm asking.



2 Questions:

1. If I bring my own backing track, can you project lyrics from a database song (and then just play my backing track instead)?

2. I signed up but never received a confirmation email... should I try again?


I didn't get a confirmation email, either; but I don't think they normally send those, at least not for Fanime.


I have a question: if I have a stereo mp3 file but I'm unable to dampen the vocal track on audacity, is it still possible for the staff to do it at the con if I bring the file on a flash drive? (if you want me to get technical I tried both splitting and inverting the file and using the vocal reduction effect)


Erk.. some questions;;
1.) I mindlessly posted this question on the rules post, but if I have lyrics on stage with me on my phone or something, will I have points deducted?
2.) The song I want to do has a 1:30 TV size, but it's only available in the database as the full version. Should I be bringing my own karaoke track, or just go for a verse + chorus with the version on the database?
3.) The song I intend to sing if I make it past the prelims (as well as my prelim song, if I go with the TV size and not the full version) has a vocal line that starts right when the instrumental starts, but I don't know how to add a metronome/4 beats before to indicate when to start. What should I do? ):

Sorry for so many questions! First year doing this :,) Probably will have more later too...