Extremely Hard Take-Home Anime Quiz 2017

Started by Rurutie8, April 22, 2017, 08:39:49 PM

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The Extremely Hard Take-Home Anime Quiz will not be run at Fanime 2017.  I am unable to travel to San Jose.  I deeply apologize to the fans of this event.



I hope you're well regardless. Now I need to find something else to do on Monday xD

Could we take the SakuraCon one and have you grade it though.

(suffering through withdrawals)


Yes, I would be delighted if you and your friends were to take the Sakuracon quiz.  Please hurry because we at Sakura-con just had our board meeting so the old web page will be deleted soon.  The quiz can be found under Programming, under contests.  If you are not able to get to it on time, let me know and I can mail or email you a copy. 

Give yourself (and your friends if they are also participating) three weeks to do it and mail it to the PO Box listed on Page 2.  I apologize for this late reply, but after I announced the cancellation of the quiz in April, I did not really expect to find a reply.

If you would like, you could take an Ichibancon quiz instead.  I would have to send it to you.  The Ichibancon quizzes simply have recycled Sakuracon questions.  However, I selected the best questions for Ichibancon, so their quizzes are especially well written and challenging.


We will try the Ichibancon one, since we would be unable to attend that one Q_Q (it looks nice!)

I'll PM you my email. Thanks :D