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Author Topic: Cosplay Help Panels: Bunnysuit Boot Camp and Sewing with Knits [Accepted]  (Read 1132 times)

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Hello everyone!

I'll be giving two cosplay help panels this year. The first is Bunnysuit Boot Camp, and the second is Sewing with Knits.

Bunnysuit Boot Camp:

With the continued popularity of bunny girls in anime and popular culture, have you ever wondered how to make your own bunnysuit cosplay, but were befuddled by creating such a heavily structured garment? Join cosplayer fabrickind to learn the basics of patterning and sewing Playboy-inspired costumes and other corset-like but non-reducing garments.

This will be Friday, May 26th from 3 - 4 PM in Panels 3

Sewing with Knits:

Knit fabrics are comfortable, versatile, stretchy, and essential for form-fitting garments like bodysuits, but many sewists can find such stretch fabrics daunting. Come learn from cosplayer fabrickind special fabric choice, sewing, and patterning considerations when working with knit materials.

This will be Friday, May 26th from 6 - 7 PM in Panels 3

Hope to see some of you there! :]
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