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Guests for Fanimecon 2018

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I made this thread because there probably aren't going to be any more announcements for this year...and partly because I wanted to do it before forgetting, heh. Plus I live in San Diego, so getting to Fanime obviously takes a bit more planning. I chose Fanime rather than Anime Expo mainly because, well, no offense, but the guests I want are a bit lower-profile, and AX obviously tends to go for the biggest acts. Plus it gets sooooo crowded.

I'd also like to repeat my requests for last year; Non Non Biyori stars Kana Asumi, Kotori Koiwai, Ayane Sakura, and Rie Murakawa.

oh wow then that's some excellent planning, and same Fanime is located in my city so it's easier for me to go to

Yeah Fanime is way closer to me than AX is(Fanime is over an hour away, while AX is 6ish hours away). So I always go to Fanime. I've been to AX twice, and while I do like it, it does take a lot to get there, plus AX is more expensive, since concerts and such cost extra where Fanime doesn't charge extra for Musicfest.

I won't be making AX this year, but that's quite alright.

So the music group that's coming this year, who are they this is the first time I have ever heard of them and I can't find a music video of them on youtube

I'm going to make the same suggestion that I made a few years ago:

Lexa Doig has played a hacker (Tekwar), a cryonicist (in Jason X), a starship/robot (Andromeda), and three different medical doctors, one of whom is also a time-traveler and one of whom is an alien. She is the de facto "Queen of the Nerds". I think we should make it official by holding a coronation ceremony in which she is presented with a crown or tiara with the phrase "Queen of the Nerds" inscribed in it. The cost of the headgear could be crowdfunded if necessary.


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