Fanime moved my hotel reservation

Started by Default, May 16, 2017, 12:35:25 AM

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I had a reservation at the fairemont the got a notice today saying that I got moved to the holiday inn San Jose. Can they even do that? Did this happen to anyone else?
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Saw a post on the unofficial fanime thread on FB on this, looks like a few people got reallocated do to overbooking. This happened a year or two back as well, but that time it was not nearly as close to convention day.

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I heard that others are getting moved out of the Fairmont due to overbooking. :( Don't know what else I can say other than good luck to everyone at the Fairmont. T_T
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My reservation was moved as well, from Fairmont to Holiday Inn. I called Fanime housing for clarification, and apparently, Fairmont goofed and overbooked, so they punted a bunch of us out - seems people were chosen at random? At the very least, Fairmont is paying for it, so if you were relocated, you won't be paying for your room at Holiday Inn! That's a major upside.

I've also been informed that parking at Holiday Inn is free, as is the shuttle. So, while yes it's a bit of a bummer, the pros out way the cons, imo.


In case any of you know, do they only email the room leader, or all guests staying in the room?


I got called Friday morning about being relocated to the Santa Clara Marriott near Levi's Stadium/Great America. They went as far as to tell me that they deeply regret having to make such a phone call, especially to a presidental member, and that the "entire city was booked". A friend and I were able to secure two rooms at nearby Hotel De Anza. We weren't about to drive back and forth because Fairmont couldn't get their crap together.