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Author Topic: Hiring: Dealer booth sales needed, $100/day+commission  (Read 1551 times)

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Hiring: Dealer booth sales needed, $100/day+commission
« on: May 21, 2017, 11:01:13 PM »

One Sales rep is needed for Fanime 2017 during 26-29 for a single booth in dealer hall.
Booth is selling artworks for artist Rella( and RA( Products including their posters, wall scrolls, and art books.

Need to do:
1: Stop by to pick up the badge and get familiar with merchandise on 25th.
2: Watch and sell at the booth during the con at 26-29.
3: Help pack and clean the booth after the con on 29th.

1: Sales experience highly preferred.
2: Knowledge of anime fan art, especial those two artists is very appreciated.
3: Be responsible, be on time.

$100/day for 4 con days. 5% commission. Usually, ends up to $800+
I'll pay for your parking if you drive.

I'm running short on staff, so I don't really have extra staff to cover your booth for bathroom time and lunch. So if you can bring friends over to help us cover the booth when we need to use the bathroom, will be very appreciated, and I will offer them the con badges for the help.

To apply, email: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Thank you very much.
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