Last Minute Looking for Photographers!

Started by Vasyenka, May 22, 2017, 04:11:10 PM

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Hello everyone!

So I haven't really been prepared for Fanime this year at all thanks to my new job. To keep this short and sweet, my friends and I are looking for available photographers this weekend! We're totally cool with payments, and can do both Paypal and in-person, and even snacks/drinks if you prefer~ ;y

We'll be cosplaying from Pokemon Go, Touhou Project, Amnesia: The Dark Descent series (would be ESPECIALLY excited if we can do a night shoot for this!), Fire Emblem Fates, and Steven Universe. That's about it! Please feel free to message me here, post in the thread, or email me at pilot_duo(at) Thank you so much for reading!
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