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Thursday Badge Pickup question


Every year my daughter and I pick up our badges on Thursday.  This year I am also bringing my youngest daughter on Saturday and Sunday.  She will not be able to join us for badge pickup on Thursday.  I REALLY DO NOT want to wait in line twice (wait in line AGAIN on Saturday).  What should I do/bring with me on Thursday to get my younger daughter's badge since she won't be with me?  She doesn't have any ID anyway... it is just her dad picking up her badge.  Am I able to pick up her badge Thursday if she is not with me?  Please say, "totally, you are a cool dad and you can totally pick up her badge... we are awesome at Fanime!"

I'd email to ask them.


--- Quote from: tesla on May 24, 2017, 01:46:07 PM ---I'd email to ask them.

--- End quote ---

thank you for responding!!  :D


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