Selling lots of Japanese imports at Swap Meet

Started by JC52236, May 24, 2017, 08:30:29 PM

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Catalog here:

Wall scrolls, posters, figures, blankets, doujinshi (artbooks and manga), tshirts, and lots of other random stuff. Please help me make my garage slightly less of a mess than it usually is T_T.

Will be at swap meet both days.

PM me or use the contact form on the catalog website if you have any questions/comments.
The swap meet booth the dealers don't want you to know about:

Wall scrolls, doujin stuff, and lots of other cool stuff. All Japanese imports (and a lot of stuff from Comic Market!)


Will there be any Japanese games(console or PC), exclusive items, and or consoles that are being sold again next year for good prices?
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JC52236: Your idea with the wordpress listing of your merchandise is absolutely brilliant!!!

DankLordPopo: Dude I'm in a similar boat as you, wanting to check out retro gaming items. Best advice, show up early to the swap meet and scour specifically for what you want. There are amazing finds and deals, but those vanish within the first 30 minutes.


Yep, kinda like black friday, you have to find them before they disappear it sucks
"I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say"