Homeless, Panhandlers, Bacon Hot Dogs, and the Streets

Started by otakuya, May 29, 2017, 08:46:30 PM

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I couldn't really tell what was edited by eww. It looks the same to me. It should be common courtesy to leave a footnote indicating what you've altered.

I mean, how would you like if I snuck into a lengthy post of yours and altered your words around? Again, I can't even tell what you did but it kind of bothers me. What did you change?

The person who edited your post was Ewu, aka, Eric Wu, the head chair of Fanime. Usually he does mention it in his edit, but perhaps he forgot this time. He changed a certain word in your post to "dance," as he and all the other moderators all do whenever that "R" word is mentioned. That word is tied to an image that Fanime doesn't want associated with their late-night dances, so they make a good effort to keep the word from being used in relation to it. Hope that straightens it out.

well it is a dance and nothing close to whatever else people want to call it.  I think Fanime just wants to call a spade a spade...  I even have to correct people at EDM Festivals for mislabeling the event as a R###. 


the homeless dude with the kitten :(((( at least the kitten was plump and eating, and wasn't living on the streets by itself


I grew up in San Jose, and still pass through downtown quite often, here are some tips:

  • There's a crosswalk at the lightrail station in front of the convention, you can use that to get across the street.  If you need to go further without encountering the people at or near the Market/San Carlos intersection (the people you're describing tend to cluster around downtown all year long), I recommend cutting through the business plaza behind the Tech, or hugging the Fairmont/Art Museum side of the downtown park
  • Travelling in groups won't entirely deter agressive panhandlers and catcallers, but it'll supply a buffer between you and them, as well as making them think twice.  You can ask a group of friends/fellow cosplayers to go with you - people inside the convention tend to be a friendly lot, and wouldn't mind offering their support.
  • When you do encounter persistant vendors and/or people who set off alarms of any sort, keep walking.  Don't stop to engage them in any way, and do not acknowledge them in any way.
  • Pretty much all areas east and south of the convention center should probably be avoided - neighborhood quality takes a quick dive going south, and between us and the University, it's not as friendly as it could be.

Beyond that, I've got nothing.  San Jose's always been this way growing up, and in recent years it's looking more like LA-lite.  Right now, the best that can probably be done is to report all problems surrounding your stay with FanimeCon, and ask for solutions.


99% of homeless people are harmless. Maybe you could buy them some of those hot dogs?


I used to be homeless once and I did hang out by Fanime because I used to go to cons a lot as a kid. My friends panhandled in the corner but they were respectful to not stare and just randomly talk to people. Although we had some convention kids throw a hot dog at his face. It's pretty ironic how its mentioned that the Homelessness is an "eyesore" yet the homeless are the ones getting attacked.

Just saying. I do believe the homeless need to move. For THEIR protection from idiotic con-goers.