Kanae Ito Autograph Session (Saturday)

Started by Innocent Bystander, May 29, 2017, 10:36:38 PM

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Innocent Bystander

Instead of telling people to go away until 15 minutes before the autograph session, I suggest forming a line on street level and then marching everyone in at the scheduled time.  This method is used at AX.  I wound up pacing the hallway.  I only stopped because a mob started to form.  Of course, this is on Saturday.  I don't know about Sunday's session. 

I also didn't like the snarky response I got from the guy that was turning people away at the door when I arrived at 3:30.  I told him that turning people away will just result in people milling around the hallway (like me) until the session starts or when the mob starts.  By trying to be helpful, all I got was a rude response.  Thanks.


I don't think Fanime accounted for the fact that she was going to garner such a huge response and that she would be capped at 100 signings a day.
Also, Fanime, in previous years, let people line up inside the room an hour before the signings started. They most likely changed it to 15 minutes because the signings were back to back in the time frame with other signings. There were many signings but just 2 rooms for all of them.

The Saturday signing was a mess.
There was a mob and 2 separate lines to the side with 2 groups of staffers giving different instructions so I'm sure they were just as confused as the attendees were in that chaos.
They learned from that so on Sunday everyone was told to wait outside and not loiter but everyone just congregated at the tables.
Once again, 2 different groups of staffers gave differing instructions but in the end did manage to get everyone into 1 line and sort everyone in the single file line into either the Ito or Ishikawa rooms.

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