Marriott's Clean Room Contest

Started by Kuudere, June 01, 2017, 04:09:11 PM

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So Marriott had a contest for the cleanest room upon checkout (done by raffle with all qualifying rooms), with the 1st place prize being 3 paid nights for their hotel next Fanime. I was wondering if anyone knows how they will contact people. Did anyone here win anything? Did the other hotels do this also? I know I personally stepped up my cleaning game on Monday.


Same here, I even called my mother because my grandparents owned a motel for 10+ years to get some tips on how I could up my game lol. I imagine many of us qualified and they are probably going to just do a raffle of the 50+ possible cleanest rooms.


Wow did the Marriot really do that....LOL   
Finessing at its finest....