Winners of the 2017 Masquerade Cosplay Contest

Started by Erik_anderson, June 03, 2017, 04:08:09 AM

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Fanime is proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Masquerade Cosplay Contest:

Best in Show - Mr. Perfect Cell
Best in Craftsmanship - Scorpion
Best in the Journeyman Division - White light
Best in Craftsmanship, Journeyman Division - Persona Lucia
Best in the Novice Division - Mei Ling Zhou
Best in Craftsmanship, Novice Division - Tornado Of Terror
Best in Craftsmanship, Novice Division - D.VA Meka
Most Original - Bacterial Contamination
Best Dramatic Group - Tsubasa in the World of Cards
Best Dramatic individual - Twilight Princess Sheik
Best Comedic Individual   - Scaramouche, the Merciless
Best Comedic Group - Noctis & Friends Sing-a-long Adventure
Judges Choice,  Novice Division - Vile by Alex Zuma
Judges Choice, Journeyman Division - Bayonette 2
Judges Choice, Open Division - Scorpion
Judges Choice, Craftsmanship - Lauren as Saber
Judges Choice, Craftsmanship - Hanzo Shimada
Honorable Mention for  for Craftsmanship - Kill la Kill
Honorable Mention for Powerful Writing - Maids are better as Dragons
Honorable Mention for Characterization - Worm Squad
Honorable Mention for for Kill Streak - Elements of Wushu
An evil so refined that it knows which fork to use... but chooses not to.